Thursday, January 23, 2014

Flight Packet Number 2

I mentioned in Friday's 7QT that Chris is resubmitting a flight packet. There really isn't too much to tell just beg and then beg some more for your prayers. So far everything is running rather smoothly. 

Once Chris decided to resubmit he looked at the website. There was a notice that certain MOSs (job titles) didn't have enough applicants. They were extending the packet deadline for the January board and selection is likely to be very high. Though we had missed that deadline we are hopeful that it will be a similar trend for the next board in May (packet deadline is March 14th). Last time it took a while, but meeting that deadline is doable.

OK Chris becoming a pilot has been our entire marriage. And we were very....disappointed (ok i was crushed) when things didn't go our way 2 years ago.  I'm neurotic and crazy and want to know every detail of how the process is going.  I know that can drive Chris a bit crazy, and he has been great at accepting my....quirks.

Well, he needs 3 letters of recommendation (LOR). Last time we waited on these for a while. They were redeploying.  So block leave/the holidays slowed him down, and the commander at the time waited for her computer. But the LORs were very good.

This time he has already had two interviews for the LORs with his new commander and squadron commander (SCO). The SCO seemed to be a little surprised that Chris was passed up last time, and has offered to look at his resume to make sure it sounds "Army". Chris is a really good writer (way better than the mess I have you guys read here) but "Army" writing doesn't come naturally. The SCO has had some practice at this, so I am sure anything he has to add will be helpful.  He still needs to interview a senior warrant officer. The one in his squadron just returned from Afghanistan so Chris isn't sure when a good time would be to knock on his door.

He has to update his DA Photo. That appointment is set for February 26.

He needs a flight physical. He has to do some labs first.

A PT test. He is going to the gym regularly during lunch and on the weekends. He has never failed a test...or even close to failing, but he isn't a PT rock star either. We will be very happy with a 260 PT score.

The last thing is the SIFT test. It replaced the AFAST. It is my personal opinion that this is what hurt him last time. He passed with a decent score, but some applicants we blowing the test out of the water because there was so much material out there. Chris also took the test while deployed which I think hurt his focus.  But this is all my speculation. He will be taking the SIFT test on February 20th. We are studying and praying for a 55 or better.

So if he gets all this done by March 14 then his packet will be review May birthday week. This the same week two years ago when his packet was reviewed.

Now I have to keep my "what ifs" and "I hopes" and "if this works out then" in check.  I do think not getting selected was humbling. And there has been lots of growth for both of us since.  My kids have been asking in their night time prayers for Dad to fly helicopter....well that and a new baby and birthday cake prayer time gets a little off course sometimes.

This is "the dream" for us Lockharts, but we know it may not be His will.  I just really want it to be His will. I have gotten to fly once with Chris in a little Cesena, and I will not forget how happy he was to be in the air. Not being able to make it happen for him is where my crazy...quirks...get even crazier. I want to know every detail and exhaust every option.  I know what I need to remain docile and open to His will.  That's the struggle.

The day we flew to Danville, VA in 2007. He looks a little different now :)
So, if you see me and I can't seem to shut up about this damn packet.  And you have had enough, feel free to smack me.  I'm sure you would like more that a one sided conversation. I want to be a better friend than that. Though I may fail miserably. 

Done for now interwebs!

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