Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Little Bit About Nothing.

Like the last three times we have had a positive pregnancy test, I am in this surreal haze.  You know, I don't really feel any different than I did before I took the test Saturday morning.  But the knowledge of a little human growing inside my body is pretty cool!  I'm carrying two souls, y'all...how awesome is that!?!

I know this is kind of a long clip...but work the watch.  A woman's body is awesome!!!!

I love Jim Gaffifan!  "Ah, four kids.  Well that's one way to live your life."  HAHA.  Cracks me up!  The whole show is on Netflix instant stream.

I will try not to make every post be about joys and woes of pregnancy.  Maybe I will just keep in the 7 Quick Takes each week.  Or maybe I will end up being a completely liar.  The effort will be real; the execution of said efforts will likely fail.  

Well, school was just dismissed.    I wish Chris would get released.  He was released early yesterday, because of the white out conditions...and then it they stopped.  I know they don't want to do the same thing today, but It would be great if he was off by 2 so he could swing in and pick up Amelia so I don't have to leave the house again.

It's still rather cold here, but I feel it's worth it if snow is falling.  My weather app has been all over the place trying to predict snow accumulations this year.  Over estimating and under estimating.  I hope it's under estimating.  I love being snowed in.  Of course I sincerely home that their are pockets surrounding my friends homes with deployed husbands so they don't have to shovel...I sincerely mean that!!!  I really have conflicting emotions when it comes to this snowfall when I know so many people with husbands away.

To add to all of Simon's wonderful and terrible babyhood, he has started to refuse naps.  My other two did the same thing around 20 months.  Simon is only 15.  Come on dude!!!  I could even handle the napless days if he were at least somewhat pleasant.  By 4:00 he's a mess if he's missed his nap.  Once the other two started skipping nap they were able to keep it together most of the time.

Ok, will end this.  If you battled through this boring post, bless you!  Here are some pictures of the kids making a winter craft two nights ago so it wasn't a complete waste of your time.

My kids are trend setters, just like their mom! ;)

Winter hat, plastic crown, dog purse, cowboy boots

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