Friday, January 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes - #12

I should totally be cleaning my house.  Seriously, wow!  But I've become an expert at putting off until another day.  I'm here another day.  Sitting here under a blanket while occasionally sipping on some tea is much more appealing than dealing with the tornado that is "kid area" of our living room or vacuuming up the cracker crumbs that have been lingering for a couple of day.  I'll get to it after I type this up for you wonderful people...maybe.
I'm making chili tonight.  It has been really, really cold.  Apparently Watertown made national new for being the coldest town in the U.S. or something.  Plus, Chris asks for it often, and I never make it.  Mainly because I'm not very good a making chili.  I am trying to use those dry beans and I never get them prepped all the way or something.  If I use cans it becomes mushy...and don't bet me started on the over all taste.  I think I'm an okay cook.  Not horrible, not wonderful.  I just go through phase where meal after meal is a disappointment.  I'm in one of those phases now.  If you have a chili recipe, please share.  I am trolling the interwebs to find one.
My kids are all in super fun stages right now *insert sarcasm*.  Well Owen's isn't new, but it's hit a new level of annoying.  Whining.  Must we use the whining voice whenever you speak to me?  Why does this seem like the logical way to get what you want?  I know kids are far from logical, but if anything whining makes me what to dig my heals into the ground and not give in...I might need to do some parental evaluation, because maybe I'm giving in more than I realize, and that is why he continues to whine.  I don't know.

Amelia had taken on the new task of changing her clothes a bajillion times a day.  I don't care too much except I'm not fully aware she is changing her clothes until she walks out in the living room or where ever I may be.  And she makes a pretty big mess during the wardrobe changes.  And I'm laxing on making her put away her last outfit since it's not dirty.  My fault, but she should realize that is what I want from her right?

And Simon...Oh Simon.  When he isn't screaming or clinging to my leg, then he is determine to piss his siblings off by changing the input on the television.  Owen now knows how to change it back, but as soon as it is changed back Simon waddles his way to change it yet again.  Which then begins the whining that was mentioned two paragraphs up.

It is taking me forever to do these takes...If I'm lucky I will have them up sometime today...Time will tell.  Anyway, Chris was given a half a day because he reenlisted today!  We are excited to see what the next three years hold.  I'm hopeful anyway.
I wish I could write the commentary between Amelia and...well with anyone.  Her delivery is priceless.  But I'll try anyway.

While driving home from school.
Brent (the kids' friend):  I want that. (points at Taco Bell)
Amelia: What?
Brent: I want that.  (still pointing at Taco Bell)
Amelia: Huh?
Brent: That. (Taco Bell)
Amelia:  I don't know what your problem is.

Driving up to the gate.
Soldier wearing neck gaiter:  Welcome to Fort Drum.
Chris: Thanks.
Soldier: Have a good evening.
Chris: You too.
Amelia: He looks like a "inja".

Talking about her "friend" from Carolina. (not sure who the friend is).
Amelia: Hers in bed.
Me: She's in bed.
Amelia: Right, hers in bed.
Me: Not her, she.
Amelia: Her-she's in bed.
Me: Yes, she.
Amelia: Hers in bed.
Me:  .......
Pronouns are hard.
And it is much, much later in the day.  I didn't make that chili, but I would still like a recipe if you have one.  I will probably make it on Saturday or Sunday.

Now I'm just searching for things to share.  I posted more this week than usual.  Or maybe I'm trying to finish up to watch Season 1 Disc 5 of Game of Thrones.
I finished these takes before midnight!  BOOM!!!
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  1. I think Amelia may be taking after her mommy -- as I recall your (and Maureen's) bedroom had a plethora of clothing spread around.

  2. Owen will be the OCD one I think. Lining up all him toys by color. Hoping I can train them up right, though I'm kinda failing. There's always tomorrow.