Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Week of School

I don't have a computer since Chris needed to take it to Virginia with him to do homework and whatnot. So I am using this handy app that will likely result in more typos than normal and weird photo and paragraph layout.  I don't know. If I use the app I usually edit on the computer before this may be weird. 

So, Chris and I been planning and discussing and prepping for this week for a long time. Well it's here, and it is nothing I could have expected or even thought to have asked for, honestly. The kids have been in general very receptive to the fact that we have to do school. My kids are so bright! I know that kids are like little sponges, but I had no idea how much! I am sure we will hit concepts that will not come as easily as this first week, but so proud of what they have been able to do. This week was such a blessing, and it is reassuring that God really does want this for our family for right now.

Right now we are just schooling 4 days a week with some light work like calander and coloring the other 3 days.  Tomorrow we are having show and tell per the kids' request.   Sure thing little ones! Owen's hand is tired because he's not use to writing and coloring so much in a day.  He has been in occupational therapy for some time now, and I'm glad he has had that time to really improve his fine motor skills. I'm sure he would have given more of a fight this week otherwise.

Amelia is not quite ready for the reading curriculum, but she's doing some of the work with my help and she's retaining part of it. Plus she's getting some cutting, coloring, gluing, and writing time in.  I think she might be able to really start this program in about 6 months. But for now she will float through with Owen and pick up some of the information along the way. Owen is doing really well. He's got 3 sight words and their helpers down. I can't wait for him to read me a story at some point. Again, it's only been 4 days, and my guess is we will hit some road blocks soon.

The math, I think, Owen could handle the next level, and this level is perfect for Amelia. I plan on moving him up in January.  Right now we are just getting into a rhythm.  Picking curriculum was kind of a guessing game so it's nice to see it in action. And who knows, it's only 4 days so my premature assessment could be completely off base.

I really have had a lot of fun this week. I wish it would stay like that, but I know the excitement will wear off and parts of it will become mundane to an extent.

I hope I haven't annoyed anyone with all the statuses and photo updates...and now this blog post about school.  I will try to scale it back a bit.

I have attached photos but I really don't know how it will look when I publish this post. Thanks for dealing with me and my shenanigans.  :)

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