Sunday, January 12, 2014

I'm shocked too!

What is this...two posts in less than a week!?!  I know I'm shocked too!

You may have read my last post about my word of the year being PURGE.  Well, I am happy to announce that I did manage to take a bag of cloths, a couple boxes of toys, and a tote of random kitchen things to the thrift store.  I have to start somewhere.  And if you're wondering, yes my house looks the exact same.  Yes, I have lots of crap.  Yes, it was painful.  Full disclosure: I changed my mind at the last minute about one of the kids' toys and brought it back home.  Guys, I have a real problem!!!

I am not going into this "word of the year" all gung ho and full of zeal!  The idea of ridding my life of all of its excess is a bit daunting.  I feel it is going to take some level of organization that I just don't have.  Chris does.  We have been put together to help each other get to Heaven...maybe that is his part?  Or maybe I'm just making sh*t up!  Or maybe both.  Either way, I think that this year is going to be a trying year for our family like every other year. 

The other four members of the Lockhart clan will have their own crosses to bear because Momma is not ready to get rid of the awesome clearance item she bought last year...has never fact the red tags are still on said item...because she "she might need it one day".  Or because Momma will have to walk away from the 75% off $1 bin item (making it only $0.25) because we have no purpose for it.  Or because she must get rid of the five year old *insert item* because *so-n-so* gave it to her, and she doesn't want to offend. The thought of all of this gives me some anxiety.  Nothing a prayer and glass of wine can't fix.  I hope. 

So yea, I didn't really have much to say other than "wahhhh....I'm committing myself to self improvement and discipleship".  Or at least I'm going to try. I don't mind if you hold me accountable.  If Lent rolls around and I am talking about my newest thrift store find feel free to comment/message me and say "Eh hemmm...yea, weren't you suppose to get rid of stuff for Lent."  Or if we are in June and July and I haven't updated you on how the word purge is weaving its way through my life just say "So Nicole, how purging working out for ya?".  I won't be offended.  After my "How very dare you.  I find you impertinent, how very garish.  How very dare you," (Catherine Tate show reference...on Neflix...go watch then I will be grateful that your love helped regain my focus.  Seriously!

Well thanks for listening/reading/listening....I'm going with listening because I wanna!  Anyway, your consolation prize is pictures of my kids in their jammies before bed.  You know they're cute.'re welcome. 

My little ham bone!  He was saying "cheeee"!

My wild, silly girl!

"Ok, enough of again, woman!"



"Ok Mom, you can take a picture of me."

Photo props go to Amelia Lockhart!

Photo props go to Owen Lockhart!

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