Meet the Lockharts

The Lockharts


Hard working man, with his eye set on retirement since he was eighteen.  He's a simple man that enjoys your typical out-doorsy thing like hunting and fishing, but since the Army and babies he hasn't had as many opportunities as he would like.  He is currently in flight school with lots of little ones underfoot.  Lover of pizza, hot dogs, Pepsi, and Doritos.  Also, a cheese enthusiast.



Your neurotic host who loves nothing more that being a wife and mother of four, but often struggles to find joy in the mundane.  It is year two of homeschooling and she is doing what can to educate this little souls.  Lover of food, red wine, comfy clothes, and a good laugh.

The Kiddos!


Owen, the first of the Lockhart children.  He's curious and up for a good challenge.  He is an emerging reader and seems to be a natural at math.  His occupation aspiration is to become a self taught ninja living at home with his mother.  Lover of cereal, PB&J's, and dinosaurs. Former lover of the color red.



Amelia is a spunky little girl who loves nothing more than to be a helper.  She loves food, making it and eating.  Dancing and singing are her specialty.  Always has something to say....always.  Her ability to remember and communicate makes her seem older than she is, even to her parents.  Lover of dresses, sweets, and art. 


Simon might be the most affectionate of the Lockhart clan.  His temper was given to him honestly, but he's learning to work through it.  He loves nothing more than to get a reaction out of someone...laughter, a hug, tears...he's not picky.  Lover dinosaurs, dragons, and getting his way.


Becket is probably the most chill of us all, but he is finding his voice.  This little ginger snap loves to be in the mix with his older siblings.  He follows their lead throughout the house.  Lover of songs made up by his mother, the delicacy that is Crayola crayons, and wagon rides.

My Loves.

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