Monday, January 13, 2014

Five years ago.

Again with the posting!!!  I guess I have a lot to bore you with, buuuuut today marks five years in the Army for Chris.  For me it has gone by very quickly.  I think Chris would have a different opinion.

Family Day at Ft Jackson after basic training. March 25, 2010

It's crazy to think about five years ago when he was swearing in at MEPS (I don't know what this acronym means).  He graduated AIT as distinguished honor grad, has been in charge of the arms room since arriving at Fort Drum, attended WLC (leadership course) and made commandant's list, one deployment, has been promoted from E3 to E6 in four in a half years (that is pretty quick), completed the Master Mountain Gunner course, and ran two ranges from beginning to end without major hiccups.  These are just a few of the big highlights.

E6 promotion ceremony June 2013

I didn't check with Chris about posting some of his accomplishments, and maybe I should have.  I really wanted to share.  I know he just does and then moves to the next thing without much thought, if that makes sense.  He's very humble.  Sometimes I think a little too humble...if that is even possible.  I'm just extremely proud of what he has accomplished.  I know all of his hard work has been for us, not for himself.  I believe that sincerely.  I wanted to share with my family and friends what he has been doing for the last five years. 

He began the paperwork for reenlistment last week.  Next month he will begin the online portion of ALC (another leadership course), and he will wait to get slotted for the portion that is held at Fort Eustis.  He will finish his bachelor's by January 2015.   He continues to work on his physical training.  All while being a rock star husband and father. 

Workin' hard.

I unsuccessfully try not to be that wife that complains the Army.  We knew what we were getting into.  I do have moments of weakness and indulge, but all in all the Army has been good to us.  I am proud of Chris' service (my brother's and our friends' service too for that matter).  Who knows what is in store for the next three years, but anything is possible (even with horrible cut backs).  I just want to say, Chris thank you for all that you do! The five years in the Army have been great, and the last eight years of marriage too!

Update:  I feel that a big thank you should be given to Tim and Melodie Lockhart for being the reason for his existence and his character. 

December 2013
 Photo props to Heartfelt Photography

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  1. Beautiful story and familt you all have created