Friday, January 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes - #13

Thank you for all the kind words and excitement (here and on Facebook) after Sunday's post.  You guys are the best!
My new favorite thing to eat lately is pretzels dipped in yellow mustard.  I am positive this has nothing to do with little human growing in my body.  It has everything to do with still not going to the grocery store.  I have picked up things here and there, but I haven't gone grocery shopping in weeks.  Thank goodness for reduced meat in our deep freezer.  And $5 Hot and Ready Pizzas at Little Ceasers.  I should be ashamed of the change collecting I have done in the couch just to avoid making dinner with the random assortment of ingredients we have in our pantry...but I'm not.  Dinner for $10.30...yes please. Go ahead, judge me...and judge hard!
                                                                 --- 3 ---
Simon is completely refusing his nap during the day.  I am pretty sure I mentioned it last week, but he is still on strike.  As I type this up he is screeching from the cell that is his crib.  I have a real internal battle between cry it out and the attached parenting route.  I think my parenting style lands somewhere in the middle.  Simon's constant need for may attention is uncharted territory for me.  When I'm not able to figure out what he wants/needs I become impatient and angry.  Misery loves company even at 15 months I suppose.
It's a balmy 30 degrees and feels like 18...Where are my shorts, y'all!  It's a heat wave!!!!  I have nothing else to report on that.
We finally passed out books at CWOC (Catholic Women of the Chapel).  We are starting Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic by Mathew Kelly.  Chapter 1 is due by Wednesday.  Feel free to read along with us if you want.  You can get the kindle version here.  I haven't read this book yet, but I'm sure the discussions will be exciting and I will leave every Wednesday wanting to make changes in my life.  We will see.  I will try to let you know how it all goes.
I got a call yesterday that labs say I'm in fact pregnant.  So in two weeks I have to be seen by my physician so they can write a referal to be seen at the OBGYN.  This will be the third baby I will have here in NY and this process has been different than the last two.  Just seems like some wasted time, but whatever.  I will jump through your hoops...I will jump through your hoops.  *yawn*  Sorry these takes are painful.  I probably wouldn't even bother writing them this week if it wasn't for take 7.  I'm curious.
We are torn whether to find out the sex of the baby or not.  Actually, I'm torn.  Chris has an opinion but has said that he would go with whatever I choose.  I recently read some opinions on post in a Facebook group I'm in.  Some people shared experiences of finding out with one pregnancy and not finding out with another.  Many had a preference on way or another, but there were a few that didn't have a preference.  The last three we have found out what we were having.  Considering not finding out with this one.  Like I said, Chris does have an opinion, but willing to do whatever I would like to do this round.  I'm completely on the fence. Then if we don't find out should be do a baby pool?  A little bit of gambling to celebrate a new life!  Gambling and whiskey (or tequila, or rum, or milk...whatever your poison). So do you have an experience to share?  I would really like to hear it!

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  1. you could always slip Simon some benadryl or something to make him nap -- I'm just saying, I know the parents that read this comment are going to think I'm a bad person for saying this but it would probably help everyone involved.

    Love you

  2. I'm so sorry about the nap strike! Wish I had some wisdom but I can only offer empathy.

    We participated in a group stud of the Four Signs last summer. It was eye-opening, but the most important thing I think is to put something into place int he parish to do something about it afterward. I'm really not sure we did that here.

    1. I will take empathy! I'm sure your right about doing something on a parish level. It will be good to make that connection while we are reading this in our women's group. Our parish is ever changing because of all the moves and deployments in the Army, but I'm sure we can make some small changes that will make a huge difference. Thank you for your insight.