Saturday, June 28, 2014

7QT #19: NC, The Army, and My Weird Kids

I am super duper late for 7 Quick takes with Jen at Conversion Diary, but I'm doing them anyway. :)

1 - We leave for North Carolina in a few hours.  I really should be sleeping.  But all the iced tea that I have drank.  And my excitement to get on the road.   And my anxiety about forgetting something leaves me here blogging.

2 - Did you vote? I posted a little online poll about the two names that Chris and I are discussing for babe #4.  Honestly, we are pretty sure we know which name we are going to choose, but I like seeing what the popular vote is.  Becket is after St. Thomas Becket and Sebastian is after St. Sebastian.  I read somewhere that St. Thomas is the patron saint of the clergy and religious freedom.  I can't seem to find it again so I might be wrong.  St. Sebastian is the patron saint of archers, athletes and soldiers.  Both were martyrs and defenders of their faith.  Plus, we really love both names.  Roger is the middle name regardless.  Roger is my father-in-laws middle name.  Anyway, if you missed it go vote. It's just for fun :)

3 - I finished the Stations of the Cross frame I mentioned.  I found the idea on Pinterest and a cheap frame at the thrift store.  I'm either really late...or really early for Lent.  Based on my normal habits its the former. Anyway, here's the finished product.

I really wanted a black background, but I was cheap and went with the $1 wrapping paper instead of the $4 black.  But we will be pulling this bad boy out on Ash Wednesday every year.  Owen and Amelia helped assemble it...They put glue on the back of the pictures.  Owen actually got a little bored and got one of the extra copies I have of the book used for this project and "read" to us as we finished gluing.  I'm happy with it.  I might add some numbers for each image or not.

4 - Owen's last day of school was Tuesday.  Bittersweet of course.  Owen and Amelia both had great teachers.  We were really blessed to have them.  I guess we are officially homeschoolers, though we haven't really started yet.  Our start date keeps floating around...THANK YOU, ARMY (more on that in another take).  I'm really not sure when we will start.  I have planned out five weeks so far I might go ahead and just stick with that plan.  But that means we will start when we get back from North Carolina.  We have talked about schooling year round anyway, so we might as well.  Plus, I would like to get my feet wet before the babe arrives.  I will say all the planning and picking a choosing and options that come with homeschooling is overwhelming but really, really fun.  Let's see how the teaching part goes...

5 - The Army...It looks like our orders for Alaska have been canceled.  Things can always change, but that is what it looks like for now.  Chris was given dates for a leadership course (ALC) that he needs.  The dates completely overlapped our report date to Alaska.  ALC is important and this is the last ALC they are offering to soldiers in his MOS since the Army is getting rid of the helicopter that he works on.  So it's not a terrible thing, but we were kind of hoping the orders would just get deferred not canceled.  Who knows with the Army, things can change at any time.

6 - Speaking of ALC...his class dates are from August 3rd to September 30th in Virginia.  I'm due with the babe September 26th.  So how about for another nice little curve ball? I know we will get things in place should I have this baby before he returns.  Not really a complaint or anything just another one of those fancy details that keeps things interesting 'round here.

7 - And the flight packet.  The board is approaching in a few weeks, and I am doing everything I can to remain calm and really be okay with the outcome.  But I cannot express how much I want this for Chris.  I'm trying to want God's will just as much if not more.  It would be great if these things coincide!  No pressure God :)  For real though, I really am trying to trust that whatever happens it really is what is best for us.  "Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you."

And some pictures of my weird family:

Chris the multi-tasker!

She wanted a picture of her dress.


I have NO clue what Amelia is doing.

My first attempt at face painting with homemade face paint...

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lockhart Babe 4.0: The Name Poll.

The pictures of the kids are completely irrelevant to this post.  I just like flaunting their weird personalities.  

I posted on Facebook the following status before deleting 2 seconds later...
We are pretty sure we have a name picked for the babe.  We have narrowed it down to two names Sebastian and Becket (the middle name is Roger no matter what)  Leave your fave in the comments just for fun.  I would post a poll, but I'm too lazy to get the computer. 
Then I realized that  I didn't want to fold anymore clothes so getting the computer and creating a poll would be the PERFECT way for me to procrastinate, because I needed something to keep me from being a responsible adult....ALL THE THINGS WILL GET PACKED...someday.

So I created an online poll.  Its just for fun.  The results will not sway our decision so go ahead choose what you like not what you think we will like.  :)  And I will be here refreshing the results every minute, so yeah, hurry up!  Thanks for enabling me!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2014

7QT #18: Mainly poppin' tags

I am going to attempt to keep this short and sweet, mkay? I will add some pictures of the kids so it's not a complete waste.

1 ~ It has been raining for the past 3 days and I am so glad. Mainly because it is washing away the pollen. I still have a cough, but I don't feel like a complete train wreck. The puddles have a nice yellow topping, and I have some energy back.  No complaints!

2 ~ Owen had his end of year field trip to the Watertown Zoo. It's more like a life preserve if you ask me. Compared to the North Carolina Zoo that I use to, it's a bit of a disappointment. It rained most of the time we were there. But as always the kids had a great time. Owen got a bag with all of his stuff from this year and a certificate.  Owen really likes school.  He was telling me that he has to draw in his journal everyday. I really hope this transitions well when we start homeschooling.  He will have to journal in writing curriculum, and I am going to start a art journal for him to draw images of stories we read. I think Amelia will engage fine, and I'm hopeful Owen will, now.

3 ~ Most everyone knows me in real life and has probably seen my recent Facebook statuses and Instagram updates on my recent thrift store finds. See below

4 ~ A magazine caddy that will be used to hold children's books.  I spray painted it.  I hope to find a few more so I can place them throughout the house...their rooms, living room, and the wherever we end up schooling.

5 ~ This large frame. It is still in the works. It was holding some type of art. I plan to putting the Stations of the Cross in it.  I found the idea on Pinterest here. I have several stations books so I used one for its pictures to frame. I painted the frame purple for the Lent season. Yeah, I'm aware we have a while before Lent.  I'm late for everything ;)

6 ~ This crucifix. It's big and heavy. Needs a little bit of touching up, but it will be perfect for our school room. The kids loved it. I'm so glad Chris spotted it.

7 ~ Continued prayers that Chris is selected for flight school. We are very excited about Alaska, but we will have no problem sacrificing it for flight school. It's the dream, people.  Have a blessed week!

Make sure you hop over to Jen's for more Quick Takers. 

Friday, June 6, 2014

Dinosaur Roar!

Sorry for the neglected blog, I'm sure most of you just wait for me to post to Facebook which is all good.  Just a little heads up that this is going to be a bit photo heavy of a post :)

Nothing much has been going on since my last post.  We have narrowed down the baby's name to two names.  I'm going to have to figure out how to post a poll to see the popular vote.  I always think that is fun.  So yea to the meat of this post....taking these three chuckle-heads to an over priced (in my opinion) dinosaur exhibit.

I won't bother you with my complaints about the price and whatnot because in the end the kids did have a really great time.  Owen LOVES dinosaurs but refuses to show much excitement for the camera.  Amelia was panicked when we first arrived but quickly got over her melodrama.  And Simon was TRILLED and has been roaring with toy dinosaurs all evening.

We revisited this dinosaur a few times.  When we first walked in Amelia was in the middle of her melodramatic break down so clearly this the picture of her was our second visit after she composed herself.  And that is about the happiest picture I have of Owen.  He really was thrilled to be there, but clammed up whenever I asked for a picture.

Here was the Dino-Dig.  Have been making plans for our drive to Alaska.  One of our planned stops is a Mammoth Site in South Dakota.  After the fun that had at the little sand table I think they will really enjoy the Mammoth fossils.

Okay Owen, contain all of that excitement please.  We can only take so much...Man that kid is like his father...On the other hand, Amelia is just like her mother.  The picture below is her "afraid" of the dinosaur behind her.

There was some mini golf, a dinosaur ride, and some inflatables.  We also did a scavenger hunt where we the kids left we a few trinkets.  Overall we had a great time.  And if you missed it I'm now 24 week along and here's a belly from today.