Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Super, Awesome Save

These are some of the items in my order.
I am usually not up to date on the latest trends or awesome websites.  Even though I love trolling the interwebs,  I often just use it to figure out the latest acronym *smh*. I really stick with the same basic sites over and over.  Facebook, Pinterest, Blogger, Bloglovin, and no particular order of course. I most recently stumbled upon this gem of a site...(actually I think I "found" it via a blog I regular on Bloglovin).  Any who, you may have seen my post on Facebook about thredUP.  

For real, I just saved a ton of money!  According to thredUP I save 79% of retail value.  I NEVER pay retail value, but I was able to save on 13 items for the kids and mostly me.  Owen got a shirt, Amelia a shirt, a dress, and a skirt, Simon a sweater and two vest, Me two pairs of maternity jeans, a maternity skort, a maternity dress (with most expensive item at $11!!!), and two shirts for under $70.  Name brand items to boot.  Lands End, Gymboree, Motherhood, and Carters were a few of the brands in my order.

thredUP will take your clothes, examine them, and give you credit for the items they plan to sell too.  Then you can use that credit to buy clothes for your kids in the next size...or yourself :) I just ordered a bag to see what kind of credit I can gets for the clothes we have stashed around the house.  They did say they are extremely picky about the items they select.  They usually select less than 50% of what is sent in a bag.  Clearly, they are taking the time to make sure it's worth selling.  Which is great for a buyer.

If you use any of the thredUP links you will receive a $10 credit on your first order...applied at check out.  I will too, but really I just wanted to share this awesome store and help you save some no pressure.  My only complaint is that I wish there was a men's section.  And that is hardly a complaint since it is worth ever penny I save on kids clothes.  And I hope you find it as awesome and me! 

Until next time peeps!

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