Sunday, November 29, 2015

Kicking off Advent with St. Benedict

Image found at Roaming Catholic

Several weeks ago when Ashley at Between the Linens asked if I would be interested in joining her in reading a book during Advent, I jumped in and said yes.  One, because she’s awesome. And two, I’m pretty sure the Holy Spirit uses my spontaneity to work through me; otherwise I would never make a decision to do anything that may seem challenging.

After saying yes to this project, I realized what I was saying yes to, and I would be lying if didn’t admit to being intimidated.  This is out of my comfort zone.  I lack understanding, vocabulary, and confidence. I said yes and before I knew it, I was putting it out publicly that I was taking this on with Ashley.  So here I am, at the beginning of Advent and a new year in the Church with little to offer other than the journey that God has prepared for me. . .us. . . this season.

We are using The Joy of Advent with St. Benedict. I know very little about St. Benedict; after reading his brief history chapter, I can see why I did not connect with him sooner. His Rule of Life goes against every natural tendency that I possess.  His rule is something I don’t really want to live by but I recognize that slowing down, prioritizing, creating order, and taking the time to contemplate is something I need in my home and prayer life.  Being a Christian is hard, especially when we acknowledge that something must change even when we are comfortable with how things are. However, the change is necessary  in order to grow in our faith.

So readers, ‘scopers, ‘grammers, tweeters, and facebookers, I’m beginning the journey completely aware that you are probably further down the path that I am.  Hopefully, we can learn and grow within this beautiful community.  

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Building Community

A Catholic women's scope group was created last week and my extroverted self can not slow down my brain.  Out of pure excitement there were two back to back scope hops #catholicscopes. And I couldn't help but jump on, but being a extrovert I left being really charged and having a hard time going to sleep each night.

Many women have been eager to hop on to this fairly new platform, but may felt like they were talking to no one.  This new group has organically given the broadcasters an audience (that is probably just a nervous as they are).  And in a matter of days the group has grown and has been fairly active.  You don't have to broadcast to be part of the group.  Being live and talking into your phone is not for everyone, but there is lots of activity in the comments.  We are all here learning the platform and getting to know each other at the same time.  It has been so much fun.  The only prerequisite for the group is being a Catholic woman.

I will say there are many homeschooling moms in the group, I think because it can often be hard to get out and make friends with like minded people if you don't have a local community.  To find a friend that understands the season of life you are in can be difficult whether you're homeschooling or not.  Periscope can create a community quickly.  But the group needs women from all walks of life.  We all don't have the same calling, but I can still be encouraged and learn from other walks of life.  I see so much potential and fellowship possibilities.

I am still really awkward, maybe I'll always see myself as awkward, but I'm hoping that will improve.  And if not, I'm thankful for the forgiving community that is beginning to grow.  :)  

Friday, November 13, 2015

7QT: Wedding, Dolls, and Social Media

It is the quickest of quick takes, because I NEED to get to bed.  And they are going to be all over the place!  Make sure you head over the Kelly's for more quick takes!

1. This last trip to North Carolina was quick.  Chris's cousin was getting married so the kids and I headed to back to celebrate.  We had a wonderful time, but it was different not having my cousins to help with the kids like I did at my brother's wedding.  The four kids seemed to be going in every direction.

2.  You know the peg doll group I'm always talking about, right?  Well, we will be opening our new swap on December 1st.  I'm pumped!  It's an Easter Swap.  The idea is to have them done, swapped, and delivered before Holy Week.  I'm getting all the details for that swap set up now.  Feel free to join the Facebook group.  We do more than peg dolls, though we try to stick to painting wood.  You can join the group for community or to get ideas an tips to host your own local swap.  Being part of the group does not commit you to any swap, and there are many of lovely ladies there.

3.  Homeschool.  Let's just say something is getting done everyday.  Very little some days.  But something.  Our first six weeks were so strong, and now it feels like I'm pulling teeth.

4.  Christy over at Fountains of Home wrote this.  I'm so glad she wrote it.  She articulated what, I think, many were thinking.  I am happy for my old faves, and there are still wonderful blogs to read.  I just need to troll the interwebs to find some new ones!

5. Voxer is my new favorite app.  It's like walkie talkie text messaging.  You record a message and it is sent.  The person will listen and respond when they can.  Voxer gives me the freedom to do what needs to be done like text messaging, with the speed of conveying my message because I'm speaking like a phone call.  Not to mention you can hear inflections, too.  

6.  Ashley over at Between the Linens is my super duper awesome friend!  Her and I are teaming up and using social media through Advent.  Blog posts, Periscope, Google Hangout for sure are on the calendar.  We are still ironing out the details, but we would LOVE for you to join us.  We are using THIS BOOK.  It's on kindle of $7.99. 

**Update we are changing out book, but we still plan to do an Advent book study.**

7.  Last night Catholic Women Scopes group was formed, and I'm stoked.  Ashley and I have been talking about this for about two months, and I'm so excited that it was created.  Tonight we are going to be doing a scope hop starting at 10pm EST.  The theme this week is favorite saints.  There is sign up in the group.  We will start with the first person and work our way down the list hopping from one scoper to the next.  I'm kind of awkward, but I'm excited for the opportunity to learn, be inspired, and connect with others.  If you don't really want to scope hopefully you can grab a cuppa and join in on the chatbox. #catholicscopes