Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Cheese with this Whine, Please.

I think we are all aware of my low standards, so it shouldn't surprise you that we often remain in our jammies for a good deal of the day.  Simon has sported the same sleeper for a couple of days...even in public.  I justify that he is warmer and I don't have to worry about him kicking off shoes and removing his socks.  Here in Northern New York we have been blasted with some really cold temperatures.  The today the low is -30 and the high is -2!  It hurts.  I love cold weather.  I love the snow.  But this is new territory.

Last night I had the pleasure to attend a welcome home ceremony for 10th CAB.  Chris was suppose to go on this deployment except at the last minute they decided only send a small group of the Kiowas (the helicopter Chris works on).  So, that left Chris here while a few of our close friends left.  Welcome home 10th CAB especially our Delta Troop military fam!

Owen's buddy waiting for his dad!

The BEST part.  The hangar was full tearful cheers!

Welcome Home!!!

Anyway, the ceremony was at 12:30am with -30 temperatures. Of course I do not dress properly.  I had my black zip up fleece (it's thick, but not thick enough) and that was all.  I wore some jean and some cheap, slip on, $5 Payless shoes.  I could feel the cold of the parking lot come up through the soles of my shoes.  My toes still hurt when I woke up this morning.  

We got home around 1:20am and at 3:30am I was finally warm enough to fall asleep.  Oh my bones...they were cold too. This morning Owen's school was cancelled because it was just too cold.  Amelia stayed home, because it was freezing, but mostly because I was tired from not being able to sleep.  I had planned on attending mass today to pray for March for Life.  I got us loaded up and my van reluctantly started.  Once we arrived mass had also been cancelled because of Father's truck would not start.  The kids and I drove around a bit because I wanted the battery to have some charge so we could make it to Owen's speech appointment. 

Well we didn't drive around enough.  The van was dead in the garage for the third time this month.  Yes, it might be time for a new battery.  Committed to procrastination...or just bitterly cold your choice. A neighbor helped me out.  Her car was reluctant to start as well.  I'm going with bitterly cold. 

I was outside to jump the van in the same fleece jacket but some fake Ugg like boots. I would say I was outside for at most 4 minutes.  My appendages were screaming "WHAT THE BLOODY HELL!?!?!"  We got jumped headed to speech.  I stayed in the van because Amelia and Simon were sleeping and to be honest I was afraid to turn off the van. 

Owen's speech office is at the bottom of a fairly steep hill.  It took me four attempts to get out of the parking lot because I couldn't get traction.  I was so afraid I would get traction and fly into the ditch across the street.  Thankfully, it was not that dramatic.  

We are now home since dance was cancelled also.  My fingers and toes still hurt, but I will live... I think.  

I started this post to tell you about Amelia's brand new, super fun stage of changing her clothes 4 billion times a day, but was side tracked by the misery of my screaming limbs and their phalanges.  

Side note: all you grammar/spelling nerds...serious it cancelled....or canceled?  Or is this just another one of those debatable things in the English language?  Unlike math, I feel like grammar is negotiable.  I just make up where punctuation should go...(<---those dot dot dots are a fine example).  And my spelling is atrocious.  I can't believe I spelled that correctly on the first try.  Spell check and Google, yo.  But they don't always save me because the good ol' sound it out doesn't always work, and they can't always guess at what I am trying to say.  

Ok. I'm done.  For now. 

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