Friday, January 15, 2016

Word of The Year: 2016

We are still feeling the renewal that the calendar provides each January, and I have chosen a new word for 2016.  In 2014, I choose a word of the year.  It has been the only time I have ever chosen a word, but in retrospect, I think 2014's word really needed to roll into 2015, so maybe that's why I was never struck with a word that year.

Facebook had a fun word generator floating around toward the end of December, and I could not resist the click.  It provided me with the word innovation.  There was a pause, but I didn't feel as if it was the word to guide me through the next year.  So, I Voxed Ashley to get her thoughts, and she recommended looking up synonyms and antonyms which was a lovely idea.

I read lots of words, and continued to Vox Ashley, using her as a sounding board, to determine my word for this year.  In the end I settled with:

I was not blown away with the word in the beginning.  When I hear reform I naturally think of political reforms, which is just makes me think of debates, and honestly leaves a gross taste in my mouth.  Once I got over that and really consider the word, I felt like it was kind of perfect.

Most everything that is going on in my life seems right, but the quality in which I'm doing things is lacking.  Praying, housekeeping, parenting, homeschooling, budgeting, community building, and personal development you name it, I'm not doing it well.  I feel like I'm planted where God wants me, but I'm not fulfilling these roles in the best way.

After going through Advent with St Benedict, I have a better understanding of my life, the mundane, being a pray that needs to be said everyday.  Meaning, my work is prayer.  Getting up and doing my job is a prayer that I need to be saying, or doing, everyday.  I know I haven't been.  Or at least my work has been poor and sloppy. 

By making paradigm shifts and using my strengths to foster my shortcomings will (hopefully) build my self confidence will slowly reform my daily life.  It's going to be a long year with lots of growing pains, God willing.