Friday, February 28, 2014

7QT - #15

I should totally be doing something else right now.  Like taking a shower or something.  But it's cold out and I have to do pick up in about an hour.  So I will go out in public in my 10 year old sweats and stringy hair, and I will take my shower after so I don't have to go out in the cold with wet/damp hair.  Even with blow dryer I cannot get my hair dry to save my life. It will be at least damp.  I really should raise my standards slightly, but I will just be setting myself up for failure.  So 7 Quick Takes, shall we? We shall!

1- I know I seem to complain about exhaustion lately, but that's really all I have.  The mental effort to keep my eye lids open usually results in a headache.  I am pretty sure the first 12 weeks of all of my pregnancies have been survival mode....KEEP ALL THE KIDS ALIVE! So yeah, laundry is backed up for days. Toys everywhere!  Dinners are easy and mostly lacking in the nutritional value department.  And I have already expressed my standards for personal hygiene my the intro.

2-  I really miss Aria.  It's competition season now.  Guards are going to show after show trying to do better than the contest before.  Rehearsals are filled with changes and fine tuning details in preparation for Dayton that is just over a month away.  I miss the hard work, the sweat, the laughter, the blood (okay, I could live without that, but it happens), the inside jokes, the love, the determination, the family, and the common goal to create something that only lives within the moment of performance.  Most people don't get it.  Its hard to explain its value when on the surface it really is kind of illogical.

3- I love reading blogs.  Especially, ones by Catholic moms face with some of the same challenges as myself.  NEW FAVE is The Ain't the Lyceum SO SO SO funny!  I could read it all day.

4- Last night we put the kids to bed.  And they were a bit more stubborn than usually to go to sleep.  They had finally quieted down, though not asleep, so we figured it wouldn't be too long.  Chris and I began watch the disc of Game of Thrones we had just gotten in the mail.  Two hours with the kids occasionally coming out and swiftly taken back to bed.  Once the disc was over, we pathetically "cleaned up" the kitchen and living room.  As we headed to bed we noticed the light on in the kids bed room.  We were SHOCKED to find that Owen was sleeping and Amelia was not.  It is always the other way around.  We were even more shocked to she her face and hands covered in mascara.  No wonder they were so quiet.  She had slipped herself into our room to play with my stuff.  Luckily it she didn't stain anything up, and it easily came off her face and hands.  I should have snapped a picture...but I was tired and forgot.  Story of my life!

5- I mentioned that Chris is submitting a flight packet few updates for ya.  He took the SIFT test and did really well.  We are quite pleased with the results.  He saw his NCOER (evaluation) again great score, DA photo has been taken, PT test scheduled for Monday (praying for a 260 or better), flight physical scheduled for Tuesday, a meeting with a senior warrant officer for a letter of recommendation, and updating his ERB.  I know lots of Army jargon I'm sorry.  I do try to keep that to a minimum.  Anyway, lots of things falling into place with the deadline two weeks away.  The biggest set back is potentially the flight physical.  It has to be sent to Fort Rucker to receive a stamp or something.  It can take a week to two months to get it back.  Clearly, we're hoping for the former. Fingers crossed, salt thrown, and prayers said....and begging for you lovely people to do the same!

6- Owen's birthday is approaching.  The big 05!  My baby is not a baby as someone reminded me of such about Amelia.  I'm still bleeding Jenn ;)  Anyway, I don't have any plans.  Keeping it small.  I will make him a cake and maybe get pizza or something.  But no big party.  We still don't know what we are going to give him for his birthday.  We have Razor A Kick Scooter that we bought a couple of Black Fridays ago. It just stinks that he can't ride it with all the snow and freezing temperatures that don't seem to be melting or getting warmer anytime soon.  We'll wing it like we always do.

7- Go see Jen for other 7QT's...K?

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