Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Boys Got Their Hair Did.

Simon's new 'do

Owen's new 'do too

Amelia's is still a mess. Just wanting some camera time.

We bit the bullet and took the boys to get their hair done.  We should have know before we even took one step out the door that it was going to be a pain...I guess we kinda knew, but we were optimistic that the boys would sit there nicely and as their precious locks hit the floor.  Not even close.  

Simon started crying as soon as they put the gown around his neck.  It ended up falling off.  I said to hell with it let's just get this done.  Owen whined all the way up into the chair with his head scrunched as far into his shoulders as physically possible. Simon proceeded to scream and cry and his golden hair began to stick to his face, hands, and clothing.  It ended up in his mouth.  Owen eventually calmed down when they stopped using the clippers and then said "It's only a hair cut, Simon."  Now you're mister tough man!  Simon did not care one bit about what his brother had to say he wanted out of my lap ASAP.  Amelia chimed in with her word of encouragement also "Mom, Mom....Mom....Moooooooom."--she had nothing to say.  She just wanted to remind me that she can both speak and  knows my name.

Hair was everywhere.  All over Simon, me, the floor.  I put Simon on the floor and he bolted to Chris where he gave me the cold shoulder for at least 30 minutes after the torturous act of a haircut.  How dare I ask someone to remove that mullet.  I actually wanted their hair shorter, but we had to get out of there.  There was a big sigh of relief by all once we finally left the establishment.  I'm sure they would appreciate it if we never return.

So now we are home and everyone is happy as a clam about their new hair.  Oh, the drama of it all.  

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