Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes - #14

Oh my goodness, you may have seen on Facebook that I have been battling some nausea or a bug of some kind.  I will spare you the ugly details that have been my reality for the past 4 days.  After a bit of Googling, it is possible that it is morning sickness...but it can also be a bug.  And since I'm semi functions with Chris's help I will continue to avoid the doctor since they weren't much help on Tuesday.

So, the quickest of quick takes.  Whatduya say?

1 - Went to the doc on Tuesday so they can make a referral even though they already had a positive result.  Seems to be wasting resources to me, since someone who was actually sick could have had that appointment.

2 - Owen had two screenings on his hearing at school.  Both times said further evaluation should be done.  I'm not terribly worried, since I can hold a conversation with Owen.  It is quite possible that it is just fluid.  I am going to mention it at his 5 year old wellness check up.

3 - We took Amelia and Simon to the ER last weekend.  Simon was on Saturday.  His glands are so swollen.  And when we got there he had a 101.7 fever.  After tests it "just viral. Stay ahead of the fever."  The fever is gone and he seems completely fine, but his glands are still really swollen.  You can see them sticking out of his neck.  They are kinda hard too.  I emailed his doctor to see if I should bring him in again.

4 - We took Amelia in on Sunday.  She woke us up by coughing uncontrollably in the bathroom.  She crawled into bed with me and sounded wheezy.  We took her and just an upper respiratory infection, basically a cold. I know I should be thankful that my kids aren't really sick, but almost anytime I am concern it seems to be something we have to wait out.

5 - My phone...It's not even worthy of the name.  It's the most frustrating.

6 -
Me: Amelia, you look beautiful.
 Amelia: I know.

Me: You guys need to clean up your toys when we get home.
Amelia: I can clean it up by myself.
Owen: You can? Good job.  If you need me give me a call

Amelia: The baby is in your belly?
Me: Yea. Are you going to teach the baby anything?
Amelia: Yea.
Me: What are you going to teach the baby?
Amelia: The shake her booty.

7 - Happy St. Valentine's Day Folks.

Found at Catholic Memes.
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