Saturday, August 23, 2014

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Disclaimer: this post is...a waste of internet space. But there are random pictures of the kids at the it might not be a complete waste.

This week has been something else.  For all my Facebook friends, I am truly sorry for all the grumpy, complaining statuses. They are so not fun to read, but I can't seem to help myself. I have had Braxton Hick contractions for over 24 hours...and though it's not active labor they were taking their toll. 

Simon is really starting to figure out his 2 year old tantrum.  He's always been a bit feisty, but this is new. We will make it though. It will get easier as he gets older, but in the thick of the moment it is hard to see it.

Chris will be home in 38...well almost 37 days at this point. I did a count down with the kids, more for the math purpose with school. I'm not sure if it's doing anything for them, but 37 seems so far away today...a few days ago 40 didn't seem so bad.

I am trying to school at least 4 days a week until Becket arrives. Last week we only got 3 days. Maybe we will make up that day this week. Owen is eager to learn more sight words. He's doing great! Amelia too. I think she will really soar next year with the program. Having them at different levels when they both need my attention is going to have its challenges, but we got some time to figure it out for us.

I know I mentioned it on Facebook,  but I'm not sure I posted here that Chris received his WOCS dates...August of 2015. Another year here at Fort Drum.  It's all good. We were hoping it would be sooner, but we can get a few thing accomplished without being rushed.

I guess that's all for now. Nothing much going on around here other than growing life and counting down the days. I will try to keep it more upbeat via social networking in the future. You guys don't need to be updated on every single one of my woes. :) Anyway, you guys are the best.  Always!

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