Thursday, August 28, 2014

Merriment in the Mundane

Because I know all of you are itching to hear/read the latest on homeschooling, the army, parenting, homemaking, the kids, and or my current pregnancy, I'm here to deliver in no particular order!

Brace yourself for all the excitement of the mundane! 

So I had an OB appointment. Still pregnant. I will be 36 weeks as of tomorrow AND I'm measuring at 38 weeks. I take measurements with a grain of salt because baby's position can really alter the norm.  With that being said, I have big babies so I could be measuring right on time. With owen I told the doctor and my nurse that I thought he would be around 9.5 pounds and they gave me a crooked face and said "really?".  They though I was over estimating. Owen being my smallest came out at 10 pounds 6 ounces so...we were all kind of off. But, I also don't mind hoping that I might go sooner rather than later...but ya know,  he will come when he comes...

Head is down! Full head of hair. Apparently heartburn and hair growth are linked. Knowing that it's not a wives tale...I'm not surprised.  I got to see his cute nose! It kind of looks like Simon's nose from what I can tell in the grainy ultrasound picture.  But honestly they are hard to read, in my opinion. And for the record I think this midwife just likes looking at the babies and using the ultrasound machine. Because haven't had an ultrasound this late, and my last two appointments with her she had used it. Fine by me.

I went to Wal-Mart this evening to get some evening primrose oil. I am convinced that it is what has made my last two deliveries quick and easy! I love getting to the hospital and just having to push.  Anyway, when we left it was a bit cool and I told the kids it feels like fall. Halloween came up. Owen first said he wanted to be a wolf. Amelia wants to be "Mary with a red dress and blue veil with gold stars."  Then Owen turned around and said "I could be a saint. I can be St. Martin." Proud Catholic mom moment for sure. We could always use their costumes the next day for All Saints Day too. But costume ideas are still in the works. the Army. Not much to say on that.

Homeschooling. Eh, pregnancy is slowing me down. But I anticipated that.  That's why we started earlier than I had originally planned. But what we are doing so far isn't too bad. But I kind of look forward to late fall when I have my energy back and get in a groove with Becket.  I got some plans for the kids that I think will be fun and educational if they are not complete disasters. As with most things I attempt it could go either way.

Parenting and homemaking...still not great at either...still a daily struggle...but everyone is alive so...a win?


Amelia: "Mom, your shirt won't go down."
Me: ...
Amelia: "It's because your belly's too big."

Amelia: "Can you be like Daniel the Tiger's mom?" (It's a spin off cartoon from Mr. Roger's.)
Me: "What do you like about her?"
Amelia: "She's nice."
Me: "I'm not nice?"
Amelia: " You're only a little bit nice."

Owen: "How is Becket going to get out of your belly.?"
Me: ...
Amelia: "I think he's going to come out of her mouth."

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