Sunday, September 21, 2014

Little bit of an update.

Seriously, this has to be my fifth or sixth attempt to post an update about things here in the land. But it probably spared you lots of annoying,  whiny details of this last month of pregnancy without our strongest link.  I'm not promising that I will spare you in this post, but I will promise to try...maybe.

August always drags so much...and it often drags in September too.  Every other year I tend to be pregnant.  And Chris always manages to be away for training or something. This time has been the longest absence.  It was also through my ninth month of pregnancy.  I have more children to care for too. (Though Owen and at times Amelia have been a huge help so the number of children really isn't a factor.)

I will say September has surprisingly moved rather quickly. My mom will be here in three days. It appears that Chris will be home in five days a little sooner than we thought two months ago. I'm due in five days also. I'm on maternity leave from teaching. Mostly because I have only a few hours  each day I can get something done and right now I am choosing dinner and general hygiene.  Owen has been really helpful making PB&Js and pour drinks for everyone. Him and Amelia both have been doing a great job hunting down diapers and wipes for me to change Simon's diapers.  They have even helped holding him down if necessary since he has decided to wrestle me almost everytime now.

I know it sounds pathetic,  but I am in complete survival mode...maybe a little past survival...maybe a little sad. But its working for us. 

I have adjusted everyone's sleep schedule since I can't sleep at night and functioning in the mornings is tough for me not pregnant. 

So really late nights and mornings for my crew. Again, its working for us.

I will say that has been one of the beauties of homeschooling...waking up late.  Owen has been home to help and I don't have to roll myself out of bed to get Owen on the bus. It's been nice to enjoy the three that are here before the fourth arrives.

Anyway...this is the first pregnancy I do not have that Group B Strep. Not sure that will make a huge difference, but I was a bit shocked. At my appointment on Monday I was dialated three centimeters and 50% effaced. A week later who knows where I am. My next appointment isn't until my due date...Friday. I have been having contractions for a while. Some are strong ish. Some are not. Sometimes they're close together. Sometimes they're not.

The midwife asked how large my biggest baby was before looking at my chart (10 lbs 11oz) because she was sure this one is pretty big. So I'm sure we have another monster still cooking :)

Well some pictures of the kids as always. And hopefully Becket will be here soon.

You're the best!

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