Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Hormonal Fuse

The hormonal fuse is oh so short these days. My poor kids...really. I hope after this pregnancy I have a more loving approach.  And hopefully this pregnancy doesn't do too much emotional damage that they end up needing counseling because I can't handle them smacking their food, talking all day long, and their need to be fed...every single day...several times a day. Future Owen, Amelia, and Simon...please know I feel as crazy as I appear. I know you are just being kids, but sometimes I react before I think and let's all hope and pray that once Becket is here your mom will be a little less crazy. I do love each of you, dearly.

I feel your pain, Simon.
As you know Chris is leaving the last 2 months of this pregnancy for ALC. And we will begin homeschooling August 4th. I'm excited and nervous. I think this will be great to start while chris is gone. Something to keep us all busy. But the crazy!!! I am worried about this hormonal fuse that seems to be a little bit shorter everyday. It's just kindergarten, Nicole! I know. But I already feel the third trimester drag that makes me want nothing more than to lounge on the couch. I hope to push through. I will be rearranging our schedule since we are no longer moving next month. So, I am going to rethink our approach to each day.  Then I will get everything copied, laminated, and prepped as needed.

Yes, your mom is nuts, Owen!
I have a little mental list of things to get done this weekend with Chris home. Mostly homeschooling prep...some baby prep (washing car seats)...Oh I can't wait for the end of this pregnancy.  I get to snuggle the newest Lockhart. This fall and winter will be the best, yet. More love to go around to keep us warm here in Northern New York. 

Sleep through the pain, Amelia..Simon she's not hungry.

Sorry for all the rambling. I am full of lots of conflicting and quickly changing emotions lately and the best outlet I have is here with you lovely readers.  You're awesome! Anyway. That is all for now.

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