Friday, July 17, 2015

So It's been a while, eh?

You guys!!!! I'm sorry for all the neglect. I'm not going to bother with a recap of the last seven months.  Mostly because if you're reading this, you're friends with me on Facebook and or Instagram, so you've seen the highlights....Well, I'll try not to bother you with stuff you probably already know.

A year ago today I wrote this...I kept calling the Divine Mercy the Sacred Heart of Jesus. My bad.  I have gotten it together since. But yeah, it has been one year since Chris was selected for flight school! We have been so blessed.  The years are passing much more quickly... Hashtag: gettin' old.

2015 has been a wonderful, wonderful year.  My only complaint is having to leave my friends in New York, and knowing any friends I might make here at Alabama will be left in two years.  The crappy part of being military.  Thank goodness for social media!!!

We are loving Alabama.  Not loving the heat (I knew I wouldn't), but I'm not completely miserable either.  The only think that I loath here are the gnats.  They suck. And they literally have tried to infiltrate Becket via his eye balls and ear canals.

We are finishing up our first year of homeschooling.  With the adding Becket, Simon becoming a strong-willed two year old, the move, my personality type, and life, I have determined that year round school will probably be the best fit for my family.  I still feel like I'm floundering, but I'm excited about it.  There is a co-op about 30 minutes from me.  The classes are full, but we have been invited to participate on the enrichment weeks.  I'm pretty stoked about that!

Last night I signed Amelia up for dance.  She will be taking two classes this year ballet/tap and acrobatics.  The kids will be in soccer, too.  Our schedules have been really empty for a while.  A couple of years ago when we had speech, OT, dance, soccer, and both kids in five day a week preschool...Oh, and I was pregnant with OB appointments...that was a crazy time.  So, I'm a little anxious, but mostly excited about adding some activities to our schedule.

Owen has been a great big brother.  He does a great job entertaining the little ones.  I think he is so good at it because he really enjoys playing them.  Owen is craving to be given extra responsibilities.  He has been begging for a fish.  Chris and I are going to make him earn it.  He will have to work to save up for the fish and all the supplies that may be needed for its survival.  I am very hesitant about crossing over to a pet owner.  I know, I know.  It's just a little beta fish...get a grip Nicole....

Amelia...I don't really have a favorite age, but four-year-olds are funny.  They just say whatever comes into their head without filter.  And for is non stop chatter.  She is rarely not talking.  In my moments of stress or I'm try to think through something it can be challenging, but otherwise she keeps me giggling with her imagination and curiosity about the world around her.

Simon, I'm sure, is a "spirited child".  I have to give him some credit that the tantrums are not quite like they were several months ago, but they're there.  His imaginative play usually involves him being a growling dinosaur or monster destroying the world around him (his siblings' lego towers).  He is still quite stubborn, but we have been able to talk him through it from time to time.  He is only two, so it's not a perfect process, and it will likely never be.  He is so affectionate and demanding hugs daily.

Becket is a big, big boy.  He's sharing shorts with Simon.  At nine months he weight 26 pound 10 oz. Only about 5 pounds less than Simon.  He is crawling and pulling himself up.  I think he will be cruising soon. Sleeping through the night isn't happening quite yet, but he goes back down to sleep easily most of the we're managing.  We are stopped almost everywhere we go so strangers can swoon over his red hair and chunky cheeks.  He is pretty cute :)

I guess that is about it for now.  Oh, and I'm well aware that the "look" need to be upgraded, desperately...One day. Maybe.  Some pictures, as always!


  1. Love that your back in the blogging space!

    1. I'm glad too. I'm just hope I remember that I have carved out this small slice of cyber space.

  2. Love that your back in the blogging space!