Sunday, July 19, 2015

Answer Me This #2

I forgot how much I enjoy documenting our little family here, but I am feel like have nothing to write about right now.  So I'm joining Kendra at Catholic All Year in her Answer Me This link up.  What I love about this is that it is totally prompted and nothing I would write about. The sad part is there is only one more before she has her baby!  So here we go!

1. What's currently on your to do list?

Oh man...housework.  Always housework.  The house and I are always at war and the house usually wins.  Our home has not been in complete disarray lately, but it's never quite as tidy as I would like it to be.

Saint dolls.  I love being apart of these swaps.  I like the sense of community even though they are complete strangers.  Taking a small break, but I have to get back at it. Last night I was at the ER with Simon (he hurt his arm no fracture, but he's limiting its use) and that cut into my painting time.

Our Lady of the Rosary

Planning next year's school year.  Oh my goodness!!!  I was going to formally start on the 10th but I may push it back a week.  I am really trying to do it right. Pam at Everyday Snapshots has a Plan Your Year Kit.  It is a digital download with an ebook and companion worksheets.  She has made the very daunting task of planning a school year and broke it down into 10 steps that can be molded to fit any family.  I'm only on step 3 or 4 and I want to do it right.  Pushing back our start date might be worth it. 

Updating "the look" of this blog.  We have an extra family member...and he's nearly 10 months old. So over due, a bit?

And I joined a book club so I have some reading to do by tomorrow night.  I was able to get some of that done while I was at the ER.  Silver-lining?

2.  Better type of superhero: magic/radioactive powers?  Or trauma/gadget/hard work?

I don't know if I am the right person to answer this question.  I enjoy superheroes, but I am not strongly committed to any certain one.  Batman is probably my favorite because I am most familiar with that storyline.  Iron Man would probably be next because Tony Stark makes me laugh.  So, I guess that would put may answer as trauma/gadget/hard work.  

3.  Finding out the baby is a boy or a girl before birth: Good idea? Bad idea?

Four pregnancies are in the books and we have found out with each one what we were having.  Each time we are pregnant I'm unsure if we should find out that time but ultimately we find out.  If we are blessed with anymore I'm not sure what we will choose to do.  

I love the idea of not finding out.  The surprise would be lots of fun.  Hearing other women's testimonies about their husbands cheering the babies sex is really really appealing, and I think I would really enjoy it.  

What I love about finding out is calling the baby he or she.  Eventually we settle on a name so we begin to use it. For me there is no need "to plan".  It's a baby.  We have a car seat and some sleepers.  The ONLY thing is I like shopping for the coming home outfit.  Knowing the gender does help narrow down that process.  

4.  Have you appeared on a stadium jumbotron? 

I have not, but Owen did at a Greensboro Grasshoppers game in 2011.

5.  Are you more book smart or street smart?

Can I say neither?  I don't know.  Maybe street smart?  I'm not well read.  And I'm probably not the best student.  I enjoy intellectual conversation, but usually feel like I don't have much to contribute.  I really enjoy reading blogs because they often feel like a conversation rather than dry text.  I "wing" most things and rely on my intuition more often than I probably should. BUT, I am really out of touch with most of pop culture.  I'm not really sure where I fit in other than the walls of my own home.

6.  Have you had that baby yet?

Nope.  Doesn't really apply.  My baby is approaching his first birthday so baby fever is beginning to stir more than usual, but that's pretty normal.  


  1. I've been bitten by the Saint doll swap bug, too!

    1. They are so much fun! And my kids really do enjoy them!