Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stations, MDA Walk, Veggies, and Nuns

Prepare yourself, an entire post about nothin'!!! Well, some things.  Just a little all over the place.  You ready? K!

With help from a dear friend, I was able to purchase the reading and writing curriculum slightly used.  Pretty decent savings 'round here, y'all!  Stoked!  I told Owen that kindergarten came in the box.  He was excited to crack it open, but stopped that from happening, because I would like to use it a few times before it's completely destroyed.

The family and I have been going to Stations of the Cross every Friday.  Owen prefers to go to Stations rather than mass.  His friends are usually there and food is served afterwards, plus it only takes about 30 minutes.  His friends are usually at mass too, but everyone is usually getting out the door quickly.  But I think he is really driven by food.

Speaking of food, Simon has been devouring our salads.  He is the first kid to really enjoy a salad.  Smart kid.  I think I may try Kendra's idea to get our family to eat more veggies.  If I remember I will let know know how it goes for us.
The drumline

The kids

Team Zachary

The fam did the Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle walk to day for our little buddy Zachary.  The kids had fun, and Owen kept talking about how we were walking to help people.  I hope that we planting the seeds for our children's charitable future.  It was great, lots of smile everywhere.  During the walk there was a drumline that we walked in front of the whole time.  Owen and Amelia covered their ears during the walk, while Simon looked over Chris's shoulder in awe at drumline.  Chris and I were in the marching band in high school.  Chris was in the drumline.  I wonder if Simon will want to play percussion also.  Simon loves our instruments especially the percussion ones, and he can find a beat.  Maybe.  Anyway, Team Zachary reached their goal for raising donations, but our family was just a little short.  I think you can still make a donation, if you can.  Every dollar counts!  You can donate here.

Ok, I have watched two videos recently of joyful, JOYFUL nuns.  I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy or their overflowing love and joy of Christ, but I just well up!  I'm not much of a happy crier.  I tend to just laugh uncontrollably.  But man, these awesome women! Awesome-sauce to the MAX y'all!!!  (Click the cc in the first video so you can see what the judges had to say!)

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