Friday, March 14, 2014

7QT - #16

The baby kinda looks like a Sour Patch Kid.
I mentioned in my last post that I was 10 weeks along in my pregnancy, well the next day I went to the doctor and the baby was measuring about a week ahead.  So my due date is now moved to September 26th and as of today I am 12 weeks along!  AND I just might have a September baby as opposed to my 3rd October baby in a row.  Owen and  Amelia were 4 days late and Simon was 3 days late.  So if this due date is accurate and we continue the trend, #4 will be here September 30th if he/she is 4 days late.  Of course all of that really doesn't matter, but I love speculating. 

Like speculating if we are having a boy or a girl.  I am still very much on the fence as to whether or not if we will find out.  We have been talking about names a little bit, and one of the Facebook groups I'm in made two threads with one boy one girl of Catholic names.  Chris and I are not oppose to straying from the a "Catholic" name, but we figured it was a good place to start our search.  I have 5 boy names that I really, REALLY like.  Which is weird, because I usually have a harder time finding boy names I really love.  I feel like they are a little trendy like Jayden or a little common like Joseph.  I do not have problem with either name.  They are nice names.  I just don't LOVE them.  Now this is MY short list and I'm still looking.  Chris isn't fond of all the names and he's still mulling some of them over.  So if Little Lockhart #4 is a boy there is a chance that none of these will be his name.  Here it is

Theodore, Fulton, Becket, Jude, and Kolbe (and I'm thinking about Kolbe for a girl too).

I am still searching we aren't narrowing down yet.  But I'm having so much fun looking at boy names this pregnancy.  Very different than Simon's pregnancy.  

The kids and I (and Chris if he doesn't have to work) are signed up for a MDA Muscle Walk.  We are just $40 shy our our personal goal.  Our team is a little over half way to its goal.  The kids and I are talking about ways we can help others by raising money and awareness.  I think Owen is starting to grasp that he can make a difference.  We are walking for our friend 3 year old Zachary.  If you could help us out please donate here.  We understand there are wonderful, important causes and that you can't contribute to all of them.  Prayers are always welcome :)

The CWOC is hosting a soup supper after Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent.  Today I had to go without Chris.  It wasn't terrible.  Only 3 potty breaks, two spills, and some listening kinda happened.  I was proud of Owen.  He followed around, knelt some of the time, and used his picture sheet to keep up.  It felt like a small success. Chris and I might be doing something right, maybe.  The company is always wonderful, too. 

You probably know I'm on Instagram.  It's becoming a new fave as far as social media is concern.  Maybe it's because it take very little energy to look at people pictures. But some people can take some amazing pictures with their camera phones. It's impressive.  Not really a talent I have, but I like to participate anyway.  Abbey at Surviving Our Blessings is hosting a #holylens during Lent, by providing prompts for a picture.  Here is mine from yesterday
Told you the talent is bleak.
Yesterday the prompt was #answer.  My caption was:

#holylens Starting to accumulate resources/literature for our #homeschool next year. I pray to have the#answer or can find the answer for our kids as we jump into the endeavor. #catholic

These were some of Owen's birthday presents!  Anyway, you can join too!. 

If you could please pray for this family.  They are a Fort Drum family.  I don't know them, but they could use some prayers.  Hinman Family (the link takes you to their story).

Now head over to Jen for more Quick Takers that are way better than this, I'm sure!


  1. I love your name possibilities! Especially Theodore! Your blogs are always so entertaining and inspiring at the same time!

    1. I really love all of them! Chris's objection to Theodore is that we have a Simon...two thirds of the Chipmunks ;) I told him that was not a valid reason to veto.

  2. 1. I always said that, if I had another girl, I would have named her Grace. LOVE everything about that name.
    2. Adore the name Kolbe - Max is one of my faves! (we actually named our beagle Maximilian Kolbe
    3. Praying so hard for the Hinmans.....I cannot even imagine how dad is feeling....praying for him to persevere, stay strong and loving, and for mom to recover so she can love on her beautiful babies....
    4. Can't wait top meet the newest edition of Lockhart adorableness....

    1. Grace is gorgeous!
      Maximilian Kolbe Sharlow sounds pretty awesome!
      The Hinmans pulled on my heart strings for sure!
      I know, September can not get here soon enough. I can't wait to snuggle another newborn!