Friday, November 1, 2013

7 Quick Takes - #8

We made it through Birthday WeekAmelia is 3Simon is 1.  (And Owen is still 4...until March at least).  In between potty breaks, laundry, and cooking I have fleeting thoughts of how our family has changed in the past 5 years.  It baffles me really.  Even though there was a time when all three of our kids didn't exist, it's hard to remember that time.  I don't know quite how to say what I mean.  Having 3 kids is normal.  To think about life when we only had 1 or 2 though it did exist and was normal seems not normal.
Ok, moving on.  Maybe it's the time or maybe it's my brain teetering on the edge of sugar coma, but that first take of mine was just too much. Anyway...Halloween!  Here in Northern New York has been pretty in the forties for the past several days.  Well, temps creeped up close to sixty!  However, it came at a wet, rainy price.  It worked out ok, but the it was a bit touch and go for the first hour of trick or treating.  

Jack Frost
Full discloser.  I prefer homemade costumes to store bought ones. Actually, it's not so homemade vs. store bought.  I just don't want to run into several other kids with the same super hero costume.  So last year when Owen despreately want to be a Power Ranger I was a little bummed.  I was a little surprise at how cute I thought he was.  I mean, he's always cute.  I was just shocked that I was excited to see him dressed up as his favorite character.  I still prefer a less popular costumes.  Chris and I fully admit that we plugged this Jack Frost costume.  We had grand plans that we didn't fully execute.  I know for me it was fear of "messing it up".  Anyway, it's hard to see, but there is frost on the hoodie and Chris made the staff.  I am happy with how it turned out.

Ready for her school parade.
I bought this monster costume last year after Halloween.  This is an example of a store bought costume that I prefer.  I think it's adorable and she is less likely to cross paths with another kid wearing the same costume (though it is possible).  She actually only wore this to her birthday party and her Halloween parade.  For actual trick or treating she chose to be Snow White.  And yes she was beyond precious.  And yes we ran into other Snow Whites.  And no it was not the end of the world.  And YES I am neurotic and totally over-thinking Halloween costumes for these kids.

Simon was Frankenstein.  I had saved this from Owen's first Halloween.  And he was just a cute as his brother was four years ago. 

Crossfit update.  So if you know me a little you about know my love for food and doing a whole lot of nothing.  Any time I do anything health related I am good for 3 months...Then I'm not.  So I hit 3 months and mentally I was/am/was having a hard time.  I didn't/don't/didn't want to do it any longer.   CrossFit is great.  Gracey is GREAT.  My problem is ME.  I let Gracey know that mentally I'm struggling just getting to the gym.  Once I'm there is not the problem.  So things seem to be turning around.  I had a great week last week at the gym.  The WODs were my type of WODs....Then this week happened.  I haven't been at all this week!  CWOC, Halloween festivities for the kids, All Saints Day activities and mass have clashed with gym hours.  I actually felt/feel/felt like I am coming out of this mental sump.  So I hope this unexpected week off does not hinder the up swing of this slump I was/am/was in. 
Back to Halloween for a minute.  So I had plans with my friend to take the kids trick or treating.  We did.  Our neighborhood was difficult.  First, it was hard to see if porch lights were on because of how the houses and garages are laid out.  And more importantly,  only a few people were handing out candy.  So we drove to another neighborhood.  It was easier to see porch lights and there were more porch lights lit.  So I parked the car leave the hazard lights on, and move the car as needed.   Well, my van died. 
I am looking forward to November!!!!  The hope is to be in NC for Thanksgiving.  As always, we are still waiting on leave approval, and nothing major popping up.  We haven't left New York since November last year.  We have only left Watertown once and that was to Niagara when my in-laws visited this summer.  I'm looking forward to seeing our family. 
I am praying for our family right now, and I am asking for prayers if you will.  Without going into tons of details and what if scenarios, it is unclear which direction we are suppose to go.  I know where I want us to go, and I hope that is where we are headed.  But I don't know if that is truly what's in store for our family.  So yea, if you can help out with this vague prayer request it would be appreciated.  Sincerely appreciated! 
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