Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes - #10

Hello, Hello!  One week later.  I had started writing a post this week titled Why do I suck at life?  I haven't deleted it, but I doubt I will ever post it.  It was self-deprecating as the title might lead you to believe.  I mean there was some, but as negative and it could be our has been in the past.  It was just me trying to figure out way very normal tasks for most people is so difficult for me to manage.  Anyway, it's more boring than normal so I spared you. You're welcome.
I am getting my mo-jo back in terms of working out.  Like most new adventures or life style changes or whatever you want to call it I have a 3 month expiration date. Many like to call it burn out, I call it laziness.  There are lots of factor in play here, but they are excuses or easy outs.  I pushed through October, and I'm starting to rid my mind of the negative thoughts I was having.  Gracey has been awesome at keeping things positive to help me out of my mental rut.
Leave was approved y'all!!!!  This little Lockhart clan will be making its way down to NC for Thanksgiving.  Actually, we will be traveling on Thanksgiving because they are having Chris run a range during Thanksgiving block leave because "no one was going to take leave" we were.  Oh well, it stinks to be traveling on Thanksgiving, but we will be there the whole next week as well.  Stoked!  We haven't left NY since Thanksgiving last year.  And we have only seen Chris's parents when they visited in July.
So we have been buying thing here and there for Christmas.  Everything that we have bought has been secondhand with the exception of some dirt cheap clearance I pounced on.  We don't buy our kids stuff throughout the year.  There have been a few birthdays we haven't bought them gifts, but Christmas we "do it up"...kinda.  We wrap EVERYTHING.  On Christmas Eve there is NOTHING under the tree.  Not even the gift that have been sent from family.  Christmas morning the room is full of presents.  Owen has reached an age that Christmas is so much fun.  Last year was pretty great.  And Amelia is so much more aware of things than Owen was at 3.  We are already talking about Jesus' birthday.  I think I am going to make a birthday cake.  Or maybe fun fetti pancakes.  We will come up with something.
Our FRG organized a family game night/movie night thing this evening.  I had a great time.  The kids had a great time.  I didn't have to cook dinner.  I met some new people.  Overall, I really great evening.  I love games.  I think I get that from my dad.  Well, Chris creamed me at Yahtzee this evening.  Twice.  
Chris is juggling so much lately.  I feel for him.  Not only is he working hard and helpful at home, but he is finishing up school too.  On the bright side, if everything works out like we hope (which for us rarely does) he will be done January 2015.  Just over a year isn't too bad.  Each term is 9 weeks so not too bad.  I will be almost as glad as him that it is over.  As long as life/the Army doesn't get too crazy then after a year. 
I have nothing else.  Have a great week.
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  1. Having stumbled across this blog haphazardly, I wanted to take the opportunity to highlight the realistic quality of your entries. In a sea of blog entries that are constantly defecating rainbows and are so full of sugar coating that they can instantly rot one’s teeth, you, as they say, are ‘keeping it real.’ Not to say that your entries are akin to eating an entire bag of sour patch kids, but their content is so honest, it’s refreshing. Although you say that you’re not as an accomplished writer as others, the realism that you write with is unique I encourage you to preserve this edge as you continue to blog. Perhaps you could consider submitting articles to popular publications? Who knows, they may be getting tired of the same old content?

    1. And I just stumbled across this comment...I haven't posted in a while. Thank you very much for your kind words!