Saturday, November 9, 2013

7 Quick Take - #9

I'm here to rant another day! Lucky you ;)  The past week has been overall pretty great.  Nothing overly exciting, but nothing completely horrible.  I'm sure going to confession is the reason for the peace I have while dealing with life.  I love life, but I kinda suck at it...cough, cough...why I need to embrace confession more often.  I really do wish I had someone with me all day long saying..."get off your butt and start the dish washer."..."No, you do not want to eat that."...."And no, you do not need to buy that."..."Yes, take a shower, good choice."  Most days I really think I need that guidance.  But, since that is probably NOT going to happen.  I will continue to pray, stumble through, and try to do better.
I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!  From Columbus Day to Martin Luther King Jr. Day is my FAVORITE time of year. I love the smells, the food, the weather, the feeling, the clothing, the music, the colors, the festivities, the atmosphere...ALL OF IT!  My kids are now at an age that they are aware, and are excited too.  Really, from here on out, this time of year can always be...magical. 
Hello four day weekend!!! Friday through Monday Chris is off.  Today, the kids went to school, I went to CrossFit, and we made a quick trip to the store for some odds and ends.  Other than church we plan on staying locked in our house all weekend.  Oh, I can't wait.  I'm hoping we can do some purging...I have hoarding tendencies so this house is always in need of purging...but if we only sit around all weekend that's ok too.
If you read my blog then we are probably friends on Facebook too.  Did you see my new hair cut?  Katie did a great job, huh!?!  Seriously, I haven't had my hair cut in a year! Not even a trim.  I didn't measure how much was cut off, but I used a tape measure to get an estimation.  Approximately 12 inches...give or take.
My hair had NEVER been this long.

 If may hair gets that long again just sneak attack me and cut it off.  I'm sure my hair doing abilities are not going to improve in this life time.  Short hair is more manageable, more put together, less homely, and looks healthier.  I LOVE it!  I might even go shorter next time.  Now I just need my eyebrows shaped and I just might be able to convince people that I do kind of care about my appearance. I do care...but I am victim of the Mom's appearance takes the back seat because it's one less thing to think about. 

Owen keeps asking for a dog...not going to happen.  I'm pretty sure I'm allergic. Not the throat closing up allergic.  Just a runny nose and itchy eyes allergic.  I'm like that with cats too.  Nothing a little bit of Benedryl can't take care of, but NO.  I could list all the reasons, but I won't bother.  Maybe a fish...but fish freak me out so maybe not.
Jim Gaffigan's Mr. Universe cracks me up!!! It's on Netflix.  Oh go watch it, seriously. 
I mentioned last week that I am praying for my family right now...our future is really foggy.  The fog is lifting...sort of...slowly.  I'm still asking for prayers.  We are saying a rosary every evening at 10pm EST.  If you could say one too every once in a while at the same time with us it would be great!

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