Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Amelia is 3!

Amelia is FINALLY three!!! With my boys I'm in awe of how quickly the time has passed, but with Lady A not so much.  I'm NOT complaining about this!!! But time moves at steady pace so it just seems weird that I would have these conflicting feelings about my kids' rate of growth.  I will say, I'm sure this feeling stems from her ability to communicate (and age two was a little tough...not gonna lie).  The girl has been speaking in full sentences since she was 18 months, and she hasn't shut up since :)  Really, her comprehension and understanding still surprises me.  She's a smart cookie.

While eating breakfast
Amelia: "I'm going to eat all of my food.  I'm going to grow big, big, big.  I will grow as big as the house.  And I will crush it.  And I will put the freezer in the oven."

She's imaginative.

While using the bathroom
Amelia: "I pooped my energies out."

She's a scientist

Caught drawing on the wall
Me"What are you doing?"
Amelia: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

She's an artist

She sings Happy Birthday to everyone (not because her birthday is approaching just because she likes the song and everyone gets a turn)
Amelia: "One, two, three, four....Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday dear (insert name), Happy Birthday to you."

She's a musician

Me: "Amelia, you're such a mess."
Amelia: "Yeeeaaahhhh!!!!  HAAAHAAAAHAAAA (in her weird honky laugh)

She's self-aware.

In the mornings
Me: "Let's get dressed."
Amelia: Growls "I can do it."  while snatching the clothes from my hand.
Me: .....
Amelia: Pleasantly "I need help."

She wants to be independent.  

Wakes up crying.
Me: "Amelia honey, what's wrong?"
Amelia: "I want to go trick or treat."
Me: "You will get to go on Halloween.  Who said you can't go?"
Amelia: "O...O...Oweeeennnnn." 

She trusts her brother, even in her dreams. 

Trend setter..notice the shoes on the wrong feet.

Favorite foods: pizza, french fries, cake

Favorite colors: Pink and purple

Favorite past times:  dancing, singing, drawing, eating, drinking, making her brothers cry, playing teacher, being a helper, watching others clean up

Favorite letter: A or O

She is a fiery spirit filled with curiosity.  She keeps us on our toes, for sure.  She is funny and kind.  She knows what she wants, and sometimes she just takes it (hide your drinks, hide your food, yo!!).  She is her brothers' biggest fan, next to Chris and me of course.  She is clumsy.  She is loud.  She is dramatic.  She is joyful.  She reminds us to pray before meals.  She loves silky fabric blankets.  She is loveable.

I am so glad that we were chosen to be her earthly parents.  She busted into this world in 2 quick hours and our lives have been blessed since.  Happy Birthday my sweet girl. 


  1. Beautiful...made me cry. Love that girl, wish I could be there for every joyful, dramatic, clumsy, fiery moment!!

  2. We wish you were here too. We can't wait to see you next month, God willing!

  3. that morning part is just like her mommy -- Happy birthday Lady A

    1. Ha! It's now more like her dad!