Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Quick Takes - #7

Yay!!! I remembered it is Friday.  Well, only after thinking it was Saturday, but that doesn't matter.  What matters is is that I remembered to connect with Jennifer Fulwiler at  Yay, Nicole - 1, Life -7629243723818465!!!!!  Take that!  ;)
I'm thinking about moving my blog...I know I'm using a free site, but they have added ads within the content of my posts and a big ad in the middle of my admin page.  It's annoying and hard to read.  So unless I figure how to remove theses ads I may look at other sites.  We will see.
We are decorating for Halloween.  Amelia and Simon's birthdays are in two weeks.  (Let me just say I can't believe Simon is going to be 1.  But with Amelia I can't believe she is only 3.  It's a weird conundrum I am still trying to figure out.)  So we are having a joint birthday, and to make it easy it's a Halloween party.  The kids are thrilled and I am hopeful everyone will have fun.  So we are getting a little festive outside.  We have some tomato cages that we plan to wrap with lights at Christmas to make Christmas trees.  Well we figured we could be a white plastic over them and make ghosts.  We are short a few extension cords so they don't light up yet, but I'm happy with the turn out.  Some of the ghost have white lights some have red.  I may get some black felt to give them eyes.  Along the walkway are 3 black trees with purple lights and a light up jack o lantern.  What you do think?
Ghost family
A few weeks ago I wrote a post about why we are considering homeschooling.  The more time that passes the more excited I become about the possibilities.  Not to say that it isn't also know, if I fail them they are the ones who suffer.  But hearing from friends and seeing their Facebook posts about homeschooling has me looking forward to next year.  Science experiments, art projects, reading, and field trips done together as a family.  I'm excited to cultivate a stronger learning environment for all of us.
Even though I remembered it was Friday I am having a hard time filling all the quick takes. Just happy to be here, folks! Chris and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! Check it out!
The CWOC kickoff meeting when really well.  There was a lot of hard work to keep this group from fizzling away.  With 28 ladies at the kickoff meet, and a few emails of ladies who couldn't attend the kick off but plan to is awesome!  St. Micheal's parish is flourishing.  Great things are going to happen this year; I can feel it.
Happy Friday, y'all.  It's all I got for today.  
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