Tuesday, October 8, 2013

8 incredible years, and other stuff

Let me begin by saying sorry for the month off.  As always, it was unintended.  I'm not sure how those pro bloggers do it.  Not that I'm aspiring to be a pro blogger, but it must be a true passion or the just have a lot to say.  Many of them really have a true gift in making the ordinary something worth talking about.  No here, yo.  I'm here to bore you to tears :)

Anyway, I will hit the highlights and then get to the meat of this post.
  • I finished the 30 Day Challenge.  In 30 days I lost 18 pounds and 21.25 inches.  Since starting CrossFit I have lost 34.75 inches.  Of course these measurments were taken a week ago.  Since then I have been benge eating.  I admit I feel gross, and my digestive system does not thank me for it.  And I'm having a hard time stopping.  So, I'm working to get myself back on track.  I want to lose the weight I have put back on and about 30 more pounds.
    Left: First day of CF Right: 1 week of CF
    Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge

    18 pounds down (ignore my weird hands)

    21.25 inches gone
  • This is my 100th post.  It only took 4 years.  Those professional bloggers out there likely write that many in a year.  Not that I'm looking to go pro, but it's cool that there are people out there with awesome things to share.  Or have the talent to make everyday things really interesting or at least funny.
  •  Tomorrow is the kickoff for CWOC, formally known as MCCW, and I'm the appointed president.  I don't really feel like I'm doing anything because I have some awesome ladies who are doing a stellar job getting everything ready.  I'm not looking to remain the president, but a leader was needed.  We will see where God take me in this new role.  But more importantly where it takes this group and our parish.  
  • Chris and I are making some light up lawn ghosts for Halloween.  I'm optimistic they will turn out pretty cute.  Hopefully I will post its awesomeness or its complete failure very soon.
Yesterday was our anniversary.  Chris and I have been married for 8 years.

October 7, 2005

 8 years, 3 kids, 1 deployment, nearly 5 years given to the Army, 7 vehicles,  9 moves, lots of laughs, a few tears, empty pockets, and full hearts.

I'm so happy we found each other so quickly.  I only wish we had gotten married sooner.

Chris is an incredible man, and I am so blessed he wanted me to share his life him.  He's funny, kind, hardworking, generous, short-tempered, and most importantly he make AWESOME brownies :)  Everything he does, he does for the kids and me.  As cliche as it may sound, I love him more everyday.   Our future will always be bright as long as we keep each other by our sides, our children at our feet, and our family's focus on God.   

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