Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 7 and I'm out!

Goodness me, like I said yesterday the 7 Day 7 Post challenge was kinda tough.  Check out the Archives to the right if you missed the posts earlier this week.  But after today, I think I will give you guys a break for a few days.  I am going to put some of my attention back into Clitherow's for a little bit and work on the birth stories for Amelia and Simon.

On to today's shenanigans!

11am Mass should not be such a challenge to get out the door.  But Chris and I always stay up a little to late or a kid or two will keep us up...*cough, Simon, cough*.  So at 10:30 Everyone still in their jammies we opted for 5:15 mass out in town.  Though I like the later time, the kids seem to behave so much better in the morning.  We have raised our exception of good behavior at church based on this post by .   The big kids are have their good days and bad days, but we can see an overall improvement.  The biggest thing is we expect them not only to be quiet but sit properly and or participate.  I know it's hard on my big kids right now since we didn't establish these expectations from the beginning, but we are proud of their progress over the past two months. So those days when they wallow around in the pew, we are often stopped by a parishioner that reassures us that our kids are well behaved. It makes me wonder if we (Chris and I) are a bigger distraction that the kids.  As the big kids have more practice and begin to set the example for any younger siblings they may have I think Mass will become easier.  Or at least I hope.  In the mean time, I think I may make the ring of cards suggested on Catholic Mom.

Today, before Mass we took a turn at the thrift shop.  We got Megablocs, 10 kids books, a bucket of play kitchen accessories, Little Tikes piano, Pampered Chef pineapple core, a mirror for Simon's car seat, Dinosaur Train board game, kids hat rack, a Weeble Wobble crank toy, an action figure, and a small toy keyboard all for $14.56.  Most of these are Christmas gifts.  Though I'm hoping Owen won't remember.  We will have to see.  I was pretty happy with their toy selection today.

Well here are some funny quotes from my kids today.  Maybe you needed to be there, but they keep me laughing.

Owen: "I want to show you my moves, Daddy."
Wearing nothing but a helmet, roller skates, and his Mass Kit that looks like a man bag,  Owen attempts a grand leap!

Amelia: "We're going to the 'whore's' house."
Talking about the fifty cent riding horse at KMart.

After 'peace be with you' at Mass quite loud.
Amelia: "We done now?"

Thanks for joining me this past week.  I hope my ramblings weren't to painful ;)

Until next time peeps!

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