Friday, July 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes #4

Conversion Diary's 7 day 7 post challenge with Jennifer has been a little more difficult that I anticipated.  I posted briefly about my expectations which were practically nonexistent.  But I'm finding that I should probably do some more prep work before sitting at my computer to pump something out.  I feel that I end up repeating myself.  Or I end up with posts like yesterdays...bleck.  Yea, it left a bad taste in my mouth too.  I want to keep it up beat and fun around here.  (P.S. Those who have commented with encouragement thanks!)  Even though it is challenging I've enjoyed doing it. I'm excited to see what's in store through the rest of this challenge. 
CrossFit.  I have completed 10 days of training.  It kicks my butt for sure!  To prevent injuring my groin I have worked my arms so much this week!  I am looking forward to have Saturday and Sunday off.  The past 10 days hasn't made me workout obsessed...I'm not sure if that is even possible for me, but I am feeling the positive and not so positive side effects.

I haven't changed too much about my diet.  No fast food...well maybe once.  And no soda in the house.  Even though I drink diet, water is definitely better for you.  My soda intake was getting a bit out of control, so I stopped buying it for the house.  If we go out or someone offers it to me than sure.  I have been taking my prenatal vitamins again along with a pro-biotic and a B complex.   I plan on making more changes to my steps!

Anyway, the first week my body was sore to the point of crippling. This week I'm not quite as sore.  I have more energy and I'm exhausted.  A conundrum that I haven't quite figured out.  I am sleeping a little better.  And you know that kick in the face morning feeling you have EVERY morning? No just me?  Well, I am NOT a morning person and that kick in the face feeling never seems to leave until noon at the earliest.  Well since CrossFit and the vitamins that feeling leaves much quicker.  It is usually gone by 9:30.

I am a compulsive scale hopper.  If there is a scale then I am on it just to see.  Oh I went pee! Surely I lost half a pound...Yea I have a problem.  So know my body fluctuates and it being in total shock I gained 4 pound that first week.  The end of this second week I lost those 4 pounds and I am back to where I started.  With that said. Chris (and I) can see a little difference around my middle.  What do you think?  Am I just seeing things?

I have totally neglected Clitherow's.  I have some really cute bows to post.  But the chaos in my house has kept me from pulling everything out to take pictures.  Plus 3 little sets of hands wanting to grab everything or they take the opportunity to do something they know is wrong.  I am going to gather every bit of motivation I can find in my body to get things my life together.  Hopefully, I can get back on track and post those new items and get back in the virtual handmade community. 
I have about one month before Owen leaves the orange room (where he has been for a year and a half) and he will be moving on the the Pre-K off post.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to be more sad than him.  But that boy - He amazes me everyday.  The teachers taught the class a poem about rainbows, typed it up, printed in out, and sent it home.  When I saw it in his cubby I didn't think too much about it.  We get to the van and he recites the whole thing with hand movements and everything!!! Seriously!?! I am terrible at underestimating our kids' abilities.  They are capable of great things!  I know I have mentioned a few time that we are considering homeschooling (will one day write a post about our process...maybe).  But things like this makes me want to homeschool.  I totally missed the whole process of Owen learning this.  I want to be a part of the process even if it is just witnessing it happening. 
In two week I am volunteering for VBS on post.  Since I'm volunteering Owen gets to partipate and watch-care is provided for the other two.  I'm excited.  I loved volunteering as a teen.  I am helping at the Imagination Station.  Here is where the kids get to come and participate in a craft/demonstration that goes with the theme of the day.  I'm really excited about being part of it.  I have a dentist appointment the last day that I am going to try and reschedule.  I know I won't want to miss the last day after getting to know all the kids. 

An update on my purple, green thumb.  Hanging plant, dead :(. African violet, not much as changed. Tomato plant, hanging on for dear life but did produce some small red tomatoes. The plants Chris planted, seems to be thriving.

 Yep thriving!
I am not a fan of birds.  They give me the same sort of anxiety as fish. Ya know? No, just me again? Anyway...not a fan.  Well a bird made a nest on the light outside our front door.  We don't always use that door, but we have been lately.  Well the mom would swoop out every time we opened the door. Well the eggs hatched and the babies just sat there with their mouths open all the time.  I would have a little panic attack everything open our front door.
 Well the babies a few days ago swooped out with the momma bird one morning when we open the door to take Owen to school.  The poor things were not very successful at flying.  They kinda pounced along in our front yard. But I'm a little relieved they're gone.  The stress every time I opened the door was too much.  Wimp!

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