Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Stumbling through Nature

I have several posts started and saved and unpublished.  I get so much typed out, and it is not what I had intended to share.  My brain is currently flooded with so many things that I'm more scattered than usual.  So before I get off topic and away from the intent of this post I will just get it started.


We are trying to implement nature studies into our school days.  For the most part the outdoors is not my thing; I don't like being hot, attacked by bugs, or being wet (unless I'm at the pool).  I'm also not very knowledgeable, but exposing my kids to the outdoors is important.  Our backyard is not full of hidden wonders other than the clover that have taken over.  Did you see my IG?  Intentionally letting them explore never crossed my mind as something to do as a family until lately while studying of education philosophies.  Actually it was other people's ideas that I have just adopted.  Since we started school, we have gone on a few nature walks where we specifically try to absorb the world we live in.  Regardless as to how awkward it may be.

Yesterday, we hit the trails that Chris sometimes has to run for PT.  Kinda woodsie.  I brought a bag to collect things for us to examine more closely later.  It wasn't too long into the walk that Simon gave up by laying in the middle of the trail.  Chris picked him up.  Luckily he was not carried the whole time, but we probably should have taken his peaceful protest as a sign.  At one point we had to choose the long or the short trail...we choose the long trail.  We found lots of great things, but 2.3 miles was probably a little more than the little Lockhart legs could handle.

I accidentally stepped in a fire ant hill (attacked by bugs!), but the kids got to see the ants come out and protect their eggs. Silver-lining?  Chris knew some of the plants' names and how they can be used should they need to make a rope.  He found yucca plants which can be eaten.  Amelia and Simon tried the plant yesterday and Owen got the nerve this morning.

The little white things are eggs.

Chewing on a yucca plant.

He tried it too.

A day later.

We observed some really beautiful things yesterday.

This morning I laid out what we collected so we could take a closer look.  While I did that, the kids recalled what they saw yesterday.  They even remembered some of the facts that Chris shared with them.  Owen pulled out the nature journals so everyone could draw some of their observations.  I was so pleased with their efforts.

The things we gathered.

The cypress tree branch had as strong delightful smell.

This sassafras root smelled like licorice.


Sorry for the picture overload, but I'm really happy with the whole process.  It felt a little forced in the beginning, but at some point it was no longer awkward and the whole experience was very organic.  Other than exhaustion toward the end of our 2.3 mile walk, there wasn't any complaining just enjoying time spent together and taking in the world around us.  


  1. Girl! These photos are fabulous! You have captured some beautiful quality images and oh, the memories are so sweet.

    1. Thank you! When I was getting them off my camera I was a little surprised how much I loved them. I can't wait to add these to our yearbook next year.