Friday, October 16, 2015

7QT: Kids, Crafts, and Periscope

It has been too long since the last time I linked up for the 7 Quick Takes.  Actually, I think Jen was hosting the last time.  Now it is hosted by Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum.  She's awesome, go check her and other quick takers.


This week, I take that back, the last three weeks have been tough.  Everyone's attitudes, self included, have been less than stellar.  Lots of crying.  Lots of fighting.  Lots yelling.  Lots of tude.  How we are going to reign it in?  Not sure yet.  In the heat of WWIII Lockhart style, I took time to find the good in our home.  And of course prayed.  It helped, but it did not bring peace into the home, yet.  We are just having some growing pains, a mobile one year old, an spirited, demanding almost three year old. and two independent school agers.  The independence I don't mind execpt they try to do everything on their own, and I'm not always in the know.  Things seem a little wild, and I am sure I'm not making the best in the moment parenting choices.

Simon is killin' me! (joy)

Aren't they just the cutest!?!


Chris began flying this week.  It has changed the flow of our home slightly, which surely contributed to this rocky week.  But we are thrilled.  The kids were so excited too.  Amelia even remembered to ask him how his first day was without any prompting.  She's such a sweet girl that doesn't get nearly the credit she deserves sometimes.  Anyway, his flight schedule will change each week so that will be interesting.  It is worth it.


I have been crafting a bit over here.  Last year I started a Halloween wreath for our door.  After an hour I became frustrated with the mesh and left it alone.  After Chris pulled out the Halloween decoration, he asked (several times) if I was going to finish it.  So one evening I took it apart and finished it.  I'm happy with.  I have thought about adding some spiders or letters to spell out BOO.  But I don't know.  Maybe next year. :)  


Simon Peter from last year's Easter swap.

(Really trying to stretch these takes) I've mentioned the Catholic Saint Peg Doll Swap a few times.  I'm in the thick of a few swaps.  The deadlines are approaching, and I have got to get them done.  A couple of moms had to drop out so I added to what I had already signed up for.  Not a huge deal, but I keep thinking one of the deadlines is 13 days later than it actually is.  It's ok though.  This weekend is going to be full of painting wisemen.  30 of them to be exact.  These Nativity sets are going to be really cute.  The next swap I will be hosting.  It's an Easter swap.  Last year I painted Simon Peter.  This year I'm not sure.  I will probably let spots fill up and take the spot to complete the group.  


I have always enjoyed personality test and the like.  The best is taking a test, reading the results and being "Yep, that's me".  Any personality test, I'll take it.  The ones that float through Facebook too.  You know, the four questions to figure out which U.S. President you're most like.  Your dream vacation, your favorite color, your dream job, and your favorites cereal will determine if you are most like Lincoln or Nixon.  The science is astounding. ;)  Seriously, I love the silly one, but the serious ones with some meat behind them are great.  The 5 Love Languages.  Apparently only two really matter to me, and the rest, eh.  Myers-Brigg is fun, too.  I took a free test to determine my MB type.  It's not recommended because the actual test is really thorough to type you properly.  But I did.  I'm sure that the free test nailed it (for me).  I'm an ENFP.  A flakey optimist.  Well, there is more to me than that, but I think that sums me up pretty well.  


I create a Facebook page for the blog.  I've been meaning to do it for a while, but I wasn't writing often enough.  So to give myself some accountability, I made the page.  Go ahead and "like" it if you like reading the blog. Or "like" it if you're feeling charitable, because I'm a train wreck over here most of the time.


Have you heard about Periscope?  Well, it's a live stream chat room, kinda.  There is a broadcaster (the live streamer) and then people can join the broadcast and chat using text.  If you miss a broadcaster's scope it stays on Periscope for 24 hours, so you can watch the replay.  Many businesses are using Periscope in really neat ways.  Others are using it to share their wisdom.  I watch lots of homeschooling scopes.  Experienced homeschoolers have been using the platform to share their knowledge.  I find the platform fascinating.  I have nothing to sell.  I don't have any wisdom to share.  I don't have anything interesting to say.  BUT I really want to try it out.  It would really satisfy the extrovertedness (probably not a word) if at least one person showed up.  I'm looking at you, Mom. ;) If you're interested and not on Periscope, it's a free app on iTunes or Android.  You can follow me, my handle is @LandofLockhart.

Tuesday October 20th

Ashley can tell you that I have been messaging her for weeks about Periscope/social media, but I have been nervous to just do it.  It is me being an ENFP and I curious about this new outlet.  I came up with the hashtag #stumblescopes because I feel klutzy in nearly every aspect of my life including social media.  I have said that I am mediocre to inadequate in everything I do, and the only thing that I am confident I can do is push a very large baby out of my body.  Just the pushing though.  The pregnancy and the parenting mediocre to inadequate.  I'm shocked I'm going through with it.  Ok, crazy long tangent. So, I'm not selling anything.  I have no wisdom to share.  And I'm not that interesting.  You should come anyway.  Have some wine or hot tea while make a fool of myself :) 


  1. Enjoying your quick takes today. Loved the realness of the first take and am super intrigued by the peg nativity set.

    We will see if I have the guts to jump on periscope, it is sounding more attractive every day.

    1. Awe, thank you! I linked the FB group in the post. The Nativity swap is closed, but there will be next year. Feel free to join. Some really neat crafts are done monthly.

      Periscope is so attractive. I'm really nervous, but I'm taking the plunge and giving it a try. The nice thing is you can sign up and be a "lurker" so to speak. You can just watch. We will see where this leads.

  2. I'm excited to hear your scopes! It occurred to me that one day, my children will be like "my mom was on you tube. Can you believe that? She's weird."

    Oy! The home front for us is cray currently. I've had a million doctorish things, and all of their activities. It's been a week or three! ;)

    1. Hopefully our next week is better for both of us! I'm not sure how this scope thing is going to work out. But lets give it a try, right? :)