Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Boy or Girl?

Well I'm another year old.  Pretty sure I'm not another year wiser.

Yesterday was my birthday.  Nothing major happened.  Simon was the first kid up at 9:15!  No kids woke up in the middle of the night.  I was quite refreshed.  This morning was the standard wake up time, but no one woke up so I'm feeling pretty good.  Anyway, the kids went to school, my friend helped me sort, organize, and purge all of the kid's clothes.  The only bummer was that Chris had to work late, but it was fine.

Since we will be moving this fall, we have a baby on the way, and it is finally starting to warm up I felt like it was a good time to change out the kids' clothes. We made a tote that included all the clothes I have manged to snag on clearance for next season.  I also made a tote with the clothes for Lucky Lockhart #4 since we did find out what we are having.  More on that later.  Organized the winter gear, left over boy and girl clothes.  I have hoarder tendencies, but my friend Nicole helped me keep it to a minimum.  I feel so blessed though.  My kids have clothes for this summer and next fall between what has been given to me and the few good buys that I have gotten along the way.  God does provide.

So anyway, let's get to why you clicked on this link.  Boy or girl?

The day before my birthday Chris happened to be off and I had my ultra sound for baby number #4.  I LOVE watching the babes move and squirm on the computer screen.  This one was the least cooperative.  It took a while for them to get an image of the babe's profile.  But they got it.

Not that I can really tell on these things, but I think this looks a lot like Simon's profile sonogram.  In Amelia's sonogram you could CLEARLY see the girl's big ol' cheeks.  We didn't see any on Monday at the appointment.  We will know for sure late September I guess :).  

I was considering not finding out, but my curiosity got the best of me.  Not that I'm blaming Chris, but if he was eager for a surprise I probably could have held out.  My original instinct was I was having a boy.  With each of them I had a gut feeling and have been right.  This time I changed my stance because this pregnancy is just like Amelia's.  From the babe's heart rate to my crack like addiction to Diet Pepsi.  

I really don't care what we have, but since Simon shifted the balance a girl would be nice.  Plus Owen and Amelia had been saying the whole pregnancy thus far that they wanted a sister.  So part of me wanted a girl for them, but really I didn't care what the ultra sound would reveal.

So, we are really excited to announce that we are having a....

BOY! We are STOKED!  I'm telling you having #4 is just as exciting as #1.  Well for me at least!   If we are blessed with any future Lockharts I will stick with my gut feeling.  We are floating some names around.  You have any good boy names to share? Please do!

Here are a few out takes because I had a hard time choosing.

Photo bombed by Simon


  1. I knew it was a boy! I am so excited!

  2. Yay! Of course that would be my reaction either way. :) Babies are exciting no matter what!