Friday, June 6, 2014

Dinosaur Roar!

Sorry for the neglected blog, I'm sure most of you just wait for me to post to Facebook which is all good.  Just a little heads up that this is going to be a bit photo heavy of a post :)

Nothing much has been going on since my last post.  We have narrowed down the baby's name to two names.  I'm going to have to figure out how to post a poll to see the popular vote.  I always think that is fun.  So yea to the meat of this post....taking these three chuckle-heads to an over priced (in my opinion) dinosaur exhibit.

I won't bother you with my complaints about the price and whatnot because in the end the kids did have a really great time.  Owen LOVES dinosaurs but refuses to show much excitement for the camera.  Amelia was panicked when we first arrived but quickly got over her melodrama.  And Simon was TRILLED and has been roaring with toy dinosaurs all evening.

We revisited this dinosaur a few times.  When we first walked in Amelia was in the middle of her melodramatic break down so clearly this the picture of her was our second visit after she composed herself.  And that is about the happiest picture I have of Owen.  He really was thrilled to be there, but clammed up whenever I asked for a picture.

Here was the Dino-Dig.  Have been making plans for our drive to Alaska.  One of our planned stops is a Mammoth Site in South Dakota.  After the fun that had at the little sand table I think they will really enjoy the Mammoth fossils.

Okay Owen, contain all of that excitement please.  We can only take so much...Man that kid is like his father...On the other hand, Amelia is just like her mother.  The picture below is her "afraid" of the dinosaur behind her.

There was some mini golf, a dinosaur ride, and some inflatables.  We also did a scavenger hunt where we the kids left we a few trinkets.  Overall we had a great time.  And if you missed it I'm now 24 week along and here's a belly from today.

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