Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lockhart Babe 4.0: The Name Poll.

The pictures of the kids are completely irrelevant to this post.  I just like flaunting their weird personalities.  

I posted on Facebook the following status before deleting 2 seconds later...
We are pretty sure we have a name picked for the babe.  We have narrowed it down to two names Sebastian and Becket (the middle name is Roger no matter what)  Leave your fave in the comments just for fun.  I would post a poll, but I'm too lazy to get the computer. 
Then I realized that  I didn't want to fold anymore clothes so getting the computer and creating a poll would be the PERFECT way for me to procrastinate, because I needed something to keep me from being a responsible adult....ALL THE THINGS WILL GET PACKED...someday.

So I created an online poll.  Its just for fun.  The results will not sway our decision so go ahead choose what you like not what you think we will like.  :)  And I will be here refreshing the results every minute, so yeah, hurry up!  Thanks for enabling me!!!!


  1. I actually like Roger Becket could still call him Becket - I just like the flow better.

  2. I voted Becket because I want Sebastian


  3. I like Sebastian with the names of your other kids -- I also agree with the first comment that Roger Becket flows better off the tongue.