Friday, April 25, 2014

7QT - #17: Winging it

I just realized that it's Friday and it's been a while since I linked up for a 7QT.  I'm completely winging it and unsure what I should discuss in the next six takes, but I guess we'll figure it out together.
Four weeks ago I felt completely different than I do now.  The level of exhaustion is really hard to explain.  I manged to get through things I absolutely had to, and that was about it.  My house should have been condemned, I'm sure.  Staying awake took everything I had.  I seem to have my energy back and I have started getting our house in shape.  My last three pregnancies I never experienced "nesting".  I'm not sure if it's nesting or I'm just excited to have some energy, but the front half of our house is getting there.  Admittedly, the last couple of days have had some set backs with Simon screaming all night and the next day being anything but pleasant.
Speaking of Simon, I love that babe but I'm not sure what to do with him.  He has been our toughest.  A scream like no other's.  He hits.  He hits his siblings and us when he plays and when he's mad.  Simon is persistent. He likes to repeatedly turn of the television if anyone is watching it.  I don't know.  Maybe it's my hormones.
So did you catch our big news?  It's starting to sink in a little bit.  Chris and I were talking yesterday and I mentioned that a year from now Fort Drum will no longer be our home.  Since right now Alaska is going to happen if Alabama doesn't we have been looking into the area a little bit.  Cold and isolated...kinda like Fort Drum, but a little worse.  I'm not sure how I will cope without a Target.  I am thankful that there's a Sam's Club, but I frequent the Target at least once a week.  Oh, geez.  This year's winter here at the Drum gave me a little taste of what cold is.  But, pictures are beautiful.  I'm not sure we would get to experience it without the Army so I'm sure we will enjoy ourselves.  Of course we want Alabama.
Our entire relationship Chris as been trying to become a pilot.  Not always in the Army, but flying in some way.  Location only, I think Chris and I would chose Alaska over Alabama.  But since the dream is to fly and Alabama is the only option we want Alabama over Alaska.  Did that make any sense?  Still needs one letter, his medical (it's done he needs the paperwork), and a PT test.  This week all of those things are in the works.  Right now it looks like he will meet the May deadline for the July board.  We hope it stays that way.
Owen was signed up for soccer yesterday.  It took us foreva to find the sign up tables. They were in a pretty obvious spot that we completely ignored since that's how we role, apparently.  But he's signed up and ready to go.  Just waiting on the phone call to know what team he's on.
Amelia had her dance pictures taken.  I'm not super girly.  I don't gravitate to all the frills.  And winterguard has shape my style preference when it comes to pageantry attire.  But seriously, how cute is this???

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