Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Still CrossFitting

Holy moly...or is it moley...We all know grammar, from punctuation to spelling, there is lots of grey area.  Well here on my blog there is anyway.  So back to the "holy moly" (I'm going with moly), it has been twenty days since my last post!  I had not intended to go that long without updating my tens of readers about all the blessings and woes of my life.  Shame on me and the month of August.

For real peeps, August has been cray (May was too)!  4 birthday parties, Vaction Bible School, dentist appointments, playdates, yard sales, Pre-K open house, well baby check ups, speech, soccer sign up, and Crossfit are just a few things we have going on around here.  I'm not complaining.  We're just busy.

Crossfit has definitely had the largest impact on my days.  I went from doing nothing in terms of exercise to working out five days a week.  Change is happening.  After six weeks of training I have lost 13.5 inches over my body.  And I haven't changed my diet...yet, maybe. And I haven't lost any weight, but the inches are gone and I can tell I am getting stronger.  So for now I am going to keep at it and TRY to keep my belly aching to a minimum.

But I need to tell you this first.  I was limping around trying to get ready to take Owen to school then head to Gracey's for Crossfit, and I was telling Chris how sore I was from yesterday's workout.  The I proceeded to say, "I hope we don't run today...or jump rope...or squats".  He chuckled and said, "what do you think you are going to do sit around and eat cookies?"


For real, that is my type of workout.  Anyway, it doesn't seem as funny when I read it, but he made me laugh and totally showed me how whiny I was being...even if that wasn't his intention.

Gracey is having little competition within the gym.  We are going strict 30 day real food diet plan.  Basically I can eat meat, veggies, nuts, I think eggs, I'm not sure about fruit, and healthy oils like coconut oil.  Yea, it's going to suck. Sorry, no complaining.  Ok, the first week will, but I'm optimistic that it will get easier just like working out did.  I'm am completely addicted to sugar! Since there is zero sugar (or sweeteners of any kind) in the 30 day challenge, I am hoping to get a hold on this addiction.

I am looking forward to the outcome.  I'm just not looking forward to the hard work...mainly because it's hard.

Anywho, I will leave you with the silly e-card that made me chuckle.  And I will try not to stay away quite so long next time.  Tootles!

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