Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blah-blah, ramble-ramble

Well hello interwebs!  After the 7 post challenge I felt like I was all out of material.  Actually, I felt like I was out of material by day 3 maybe 4...maybe.  Hopefully, that challenge wasn't too painful and I still have a reader (hi Mom!!!). 

I still don't have anything worth writing.  Sorry. 

I have been volunteering at vacation Bible school this week.  Owen is in the preschool class while Amelia and Simon are in watchcare.  I think Amelia is just thrilled to be away from me for a few hours.  "I love church school," she said. Simon has been pretty good for them too.  At least they believe me now when I say HE CRIES! Owen has been indifferent about "church school".  The past two days I have taken him to the orange room for the last half of the day.  Today he was a bit whiny so I think I will give him a break tomorrow.  I just want him to soak up as much time as possible.  In a few short weeks he will be in pre-k.

Tomorrow I return to CrossFit.  Gracey has been out of town for the past week and left WODs for us to do.  I am just not a good self motivator in general.  When it comes to exercise I'm even worse at it.  Having the appointment and someone staring at me to make sure I'm working at it seems to be working. 

I am becoming obsessed with homeschooling.  If I'm sitting at the computer then I'm probably reading about homeschooling.  I'm about 80% sure that we will be homeschooling next year, God willing. I know that it's a year away, but I'm pretty sure I am going to need all of that time to choose a curriculum, get organized, create a schedule, begin putting it in place, and plan out the school year.  I have come across several helpful sites.  Plus, I know several seasoned homeschooling moms that I can get advice that I'm sure I will need.  I am positive that making a schedule and sticking with it is going to be the biggest obstacle for me.  Which is why I want to start preparing now and slowly integrate the change of lifestyle for the whole family.  I figure if I am even halfway successful this year then I might have so hope.  There is still that 20% we won't be homeschooling next year, but it will the table every school year for every child.

Chris is about to have 3 weeks of training.  Yuck.  The plus side is that we were given a heads up.  I'm not sure if he will be in the field, but I'm sure he will have 12+ hour days...again.  Like most things the anticipation is the worst. 

Well I better finish up and save Simon from his self-inflicted suffering because he is not being held.  I leave you with this my dear friends....because there are no words!

The picture was found by Paige Kellerman

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